Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Cookie Table, Unveiled Bridal Designs Giveaway

Just checking in my lovely bloggy friends.  I wanted to fill you in on my favorite new blog, The Cookie Table.  It just happens to be written by my childhood friend, Cara Mia.  While it is about her working her way up to her nuptials this October, I think ANYONE can appreciate it (even if you're not into weddings).

She's a funny, sophisticated, fashion forward, highly intelligent, and witty woman.  She makes me snort, yes snort, every time I read her posts.  Anyway, head on over to her blog and tell her I sent you.  You'll especially want to head that way today as she's hosting an awesome Unveiled Bridal Designs Giveaway for a custom french netting veil.

So clickity, click, click on on over.  Like I said, even if weddings aren't your thing, you're still gonna love you some Cara Mia!   And don't blame me when you spit your Diet Coke all over your keyboard.


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