Thursday, January 16, 2014

Type A, Who me?

My sister shared this article on Facebook (like me) the other day, "16 Signs You're A Little (Or A Lot) Type A."  She tagged all my siblings and mused over how each of us siblings can be so Type A.  So I wondered, am I really as Type A as I think I am?  Let's examine and you decide.  Am I type A?  Are you?

Waiting in long lines kills you a little bit inside.

Um yes, and it's not so much that time has stalled, and I'm not able to get things done.  It's usually the mere incompetence of everyone running said line or the idiots using said line.  I'll give you the Airport security line as a for instance.  We all freaking know (or if you don't know, it's announced overhead about 1,000,000 times while you wait) that your laptop has to be out of the case and in its own bin.  So why?  Why? Why? Every freaking time is there someone with it, not only in the case, but also under their coats, shoes, wallet and everything else.  That's if they even relieved that had to take their coat off.  Don't get me started.

Also when I'm standing in line I'm pretty sure I've thought of 1000 ways for this operation to run more smoothly.

You've been described as a perfectionist, overachiever, workaholic or all of the above.

I'm not a workaholic that's for sure, but a perfectionist and an overachiever, sure.  I don't understand not wanting to be perfect and not wanting to achieve to your maximum ability.  I've never understood a half assed approach.  Even now, sitting her, I'm shaking my head wondering how people give anything but their best.  Doesn't make sense.

You bite your nails or grind your teeth.

I don't bit my nails nor grind my teeth, but I do clench my teeth at night.  Am I dreaming of standing in line at the airport?

You have a serious phobia of wasting time.

My blood boils in traffic.  I hate waiting for the doctor.  I realize sometimes you have to waste time, but there's always something you can be doing.  Words with Friends anyone?  

You're highly conscientious

I do things right and I do it well and thoroughly.  Again, what's the point in not being hard working?  It probably takes more effort to look like you're busy than to just be busy.  

You've always been a bit of a catastrophist

I do worry about the worst possible outcomes, but that's only because that seems to be the way life goes sometimes.  A realist perhaps?  I mean after all, I have fallen on a banana.  

You have a hard time falling asleep at night.

Toss, turn, think.  Toss, turn, think.  Toss, turn, think.  (And yes I just typed that once and copied and pasted it to be more efficient).  

People can't keep up with you -- in conversation or on the sidewalk.

Well I do walk fast and I definitely talk fast.  Too bad Type A doesn't translate into a 3:00 marathon.  

You put more energy into your career than your relationships.

I pretty sure this is the only one that doesn't apply to me.  Career has never really been important to me.  

Relaxing can be hard work for you.

Although I do my fair share of relaxing, I don't necessarily do it guilt free.  If I'm sitting around relaxing, I also generally thinking of the 9,000,000 other things I should be doing.  

You have a low tolerance for incompetence.

I can't even tell you how much this sentence relates to me.  It shouldn't say a low tolerance, but a NO tolerance for incompetence.  The inefficiency by which most people run their lives almost makes me break out in hives.  Again, I'm constantly reasoning how something can be done better or more efficiently.  I'm all for quarantining incompetent people to their own world.  Who then would answer the phone when I call to make an appointment or go through the drive thru? 

At work, everything is urgent.

Ask ANYONE who has worked with me about my sense of urgency and how many times I've used that exact phrase.  We have red boxes that light up on the computer to show if you're behind in any of our work stations.  If my boxes are red, I get heart palpitations.  I'll say things like "We're in the red," and the techs will like at me like duh, "we're always in the red."  What they don't realize is that it really does cause me anxiety.  I often find myself digging my own fingernails into the palm of my hands and taking deep breaths to deal with it.  

You're sensitive to stress.

Me and stress do not go well together.  As a Type A, I feel like I should be able to manage stressful situations (and I probably do), but I'm not good at keeping my emotions out of it.  It's probably because I have the need to fix whatever the stressor is.  Fix, fix, fix and fix it now... No make that yesterday.  

You make it happen.

Yes!  That's the bottom line.  I make things happen.  Beyond what my body has limited me to, my mind can make anything happen.  If I set my mind to something, it WILL happen.  

So which are you?  Are you Type A or are you laid back?  Do those non Type-A people, do the Type As drive you crazy?  


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