Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

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I kind of got away from my weekly workout wrap ups when I got injured last year, but I wanted to get back to them.  As far as some of you know, I don't even work out anymore.  NOT TRUE!  I do post my workouts daily on Instagram (@momswimbikerun --> follow me) and on my Facebook page.  You can also follow me on Dailymile.  But if social media is not your thang then I'll try to do a weekly wrap up again.

Monday:  CrossFit 

WOD 1 (Workout Of the Day):

1000 m Row
50 Thrusters (45 lbs)
30 Pull-ups
Finished in 14:31

Holy shit y'all 50 thrusters and I used 45 lbs for those bitches and they killed me!!!!  Killed

WOD 2:

3 sets, 3 reps each of OHS (Over Head Squats) I didn't record my weight?

WOD 3:

4 Hang Power Cleans (55 lbs) 
4 KBS (36 lbs) 
4 box jumps (24 in) 
Finished in 5:41

Tuesday:  CrossFit

15 minute Snatch technique. Worked my way up to 55 lbs
WOD: 20 minute Cap
30 OHS 35 lbs (65 rx)
30 BF (bar facing) Burpees
20 OHS 45 lbs (95 rx)
20 BF Burpees
10 OHS 45 lbs (125 rx)
10 BF Burpees
10 MU or C2B pull ups (assisted)
Finished in 13:48

Wednesday:  5 miles on the Treadmill 

Thursday:  CrossFit and Run 

Skill: Goat-- worked on my beat swing which is just horrible (still my goat)
WOD 1: EMOM 6 min (Every Minute On the Minute for 6 minutes)
6 strict pull ups
10 strict HSPU
WOD 2: 15 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 
10 HPC (hanging power clean) 115 rx I used 65lbs
15 HRPU (hand release push ups)
I got 6 rounds + 4
This weight was tough for me, but I felt like I should have done more b/c I got 6 plus rounds. The Rx men got 3 rounds, so I feel like I should have pushed myself more. Live and learn.

Right after CrossFit I met my friend Kim for a 30 minute run, it was the perfect cap off to my workout day.  

Friday:  Rest Daaaaay!  Said like Hump-Daaaay 

Saturday:  CrossFit Primal Mayhem 

Saturdays at CrossFit aren't like other days.  I think there must have been 30 people there.  We did 3 mini workouts including 1 round of Elizabeth.  


Finished in 5:52

I used 53 pounds (should have gone heavier and not been a wimpy) 

Sunday:  Long Run (10 miles) 

Don't forget the WEGO Health Activist Award.  If you wouldn't mind (pretty please) clicking this link and then just hit the thumbs up endorse button below my picture, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks!


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I still can't believe you ran outside in that and snow stuck to your face...yikes!

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