Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Skiing Edition Updated: NOT WORDLESS

Before Christmas George and I looked over the calendar and picked a day he could take off work and I was going to let the kids play hooky from school so we could go skiing.  That day was today, the coldest damn day of the year.  -5 degrees and up to -25 degrees with the windchill.  PERFECT.  

We thought about not going, but really with after school activities Wednesdays are the only days we can go and no other Wednesday worked.

We decided to just suck it up and just go.  And I'm SO GLAD we did.

No matter what way you slice it, negative temps are cold, but I'm telling you I'm a firm believer in buying a quality expensive product when it works.  North Face coats are on all five Tirch bodies and we were warm and toasty!

The face masks (most of us have the Under Armour) were also a MUST have for temps that low.  I took off my gloves to take pics and had to put it back on immediately because it was so cold.

We started off with a 1 hour group lesson (with just our family).  Looking back, us skiers (Ella, Jack and I) probably could have done without it.  This was my third time skiing ever in my life and Ella and Jack's fist.  I lied.  Ella went one time when she was 3, but she lasted about an hour and was HORRIBLE.

George's and Nicholas' lesson was helpful because they were learning to board.

Jack was ALL IN right away.  Being an ice skater definitely helps with skiing. You use the same motion to "hockey stop" on ice skates as you do to snow plow (aka stopping).  Also you lean on one leg to turn in hockey as you do in skiing.  The similar motions made it easy for him to pick up.  He was a pro from the start.

Ella was a little more timid.  She wouldn't come out of the snow plow to save her life.  I think at one point a snail could have moved at a faster pace.  But after the lesson was over (1 hour) she really let loose and got moving.

I asked Ella and Jack if they wanted to move to an actual hill and they both were a little scared.

They asked for one more time down the bunny slope before we headed to the lift.

But that's all it took and we were on our way.

They were definitely both nervous heading up on the lift.

Jack even said, "what if I can't do it?"  I told him that he was already on the lift and there was only one way down, so it was too late now.  Luckily he accepted that.  It was almost like he looked at me and said, "good point."

I was so afraid of what Ella would do once she was up there and I'll admit, it was a little slow going at first.  And she did cry once going down because she thought I wasn't waiting for her.  Um.. I'm not that good at stopping either Ella.  Jeeze!  haha

After Ella, Jack and I going down the big hills two times, it seemed like Nicholas was picking up steam on the bunny slope.  He would have been going gang busters on skis, but he was determined to learned to board (not as easy … in my opinion).  Anyway, I asked if he'd be willing to try a big hill and he jumped right on it.

Nicholas' biggest difficulty was getting going at the top of the hill or when it flattened out.  It's hard to manipulate that board, but he really did GREAT for his first time boarding.  I couldn't have done as well.  

We were at the resort for almost 7 hours and we took 2 breaks (one for lunch and one for drinks).  I can't believe we lasted so long, and I'm so glad we didn't cancel.  We had a blast!  The cold temps kept everyone else away too.  I swear there were about 50 other skiers there and that's it!  

I'm so proud of my kids and their bravery and willingness to try new things.  Let's face it, I'm always just proud of my kids, but I'm their mom so…

Oh and just so you know, school was cancelled today so we didn't even have to play hooky.  Win win!

I do have to tell a funny Jack story.  Jack got on the magic carpet (the lift for the bunny hill, pictured below) 

I was down at the bottom waiting for George so he was headed up alone (well Ella and Nicholas were behind him).  Anyway, I was worrying waiting for George and focused on the watching out for George to come down.  I finally look back over at the lift and Jack is on the lift like a turtle on his back, all limbs flailing.  I'm trying not to laugh, but I can't help it.  He's trying to get on his belly so he can stand up, but he just can't manipulate it with all the equipment.  I yell at him to take off his skis, but he can't seem to do that either.  He's screaming back to me, but I can't even hear what he says.  FINALLY (after this goes on for a good 2 minutes), the ski attendants realize what's going on and stop the lift.  They give Jack another 2 minutes to try to fix himself up, but he still can't get up.  A ski instructor had to come down and help him, but finally he got upright again.  Only Jack!

Oh and as for George, I think he'll be in traction tomorrow.  That's EXACTLY why I didn't board.  Too many falls on cold, hard snow are not good for an aging body!


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