Monday, February 3, 2014

February Challenge: Push-ups

Ok so it's the beginning of the month and time to start a new challenge over at my Facebook page.  In order to follow along be sure to like my Facebook page for your daily workouts.  You can still do the challenge as I will be announcing the workouts here too, but it's easiest to follow along through Facebook.

Ok so day one (today), you need to complete max reps of push-ups.  I don't care if you're doing them on your knees are doing "real" push-ups, but the rules are this:

1)  Chest and chin to floor
2)  Full extension of the arms on the way back up

You got that?  NO cheating!  You're only cheating yourself if you do.

This is really a beginners challenge and the goal is to improve the number of push ups we can do in a row without breaks.  No matter where you started, we will ALL be increasing by 20 push ups by the end of the month.  So it's important to remember your day one number.  Here's a sample calendar:

Now if you get to the latter days and you can't do say 20 push-ups in a row, that is completely fine.  You just do as many as you can and take a 30 second break and go again.  You can take as many breaks as you need, but you MUST complete your total number for the day.

Like I said, this is a beginner challenge.  I've done the 100 push-up challenge before and I did the workouts, but I still could never make it to 100 the way I should be doing push-ups. This is hopefully a way to get EVERYONE to be able to participate at their own level, but we all get to improve together.

So head on over to Facebook, and like my "fan" page to be reminded daily of the workout of the day and let the February Push-up Challenge begin.  Good luck my bloggy friends!

By the way, I'm doing max real push-ups and my max on day 1 is…. drum roll please….. five.  Yep 5!!!!!!  But, but, but, by the end I'll be able to do 25.  Right?  Right!


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