Monday, February 10, 2014

Lucky Number 13

On Sunday I will be running my 13th half marathon.  THIRTEEN.  When I started running back in 2009, I never would have dreamed I could run 1, let alone 13.

While I hope and pray this will be lucky number 13, I can only do the best I can on Sunday and I don't know what that will mean for me.  But it has to be lucky right?  I mean my 13th 13.1.  13 is lucky for 13.1.  Right?  Right?

One thing is for certain, I will give it my best effort and do the best I can that day, as I have with EVERY half I've ever done.  Let's look back, shall we?

My 1st:  Spirit of Pittsburgh. November 2009.  2:17:22.  I didn't now if I could, but I did!

2nd:  Pittsburgh.  May 2010.  Proving to myself I could do better.  And I did.  MUCH! 2:09:20

3rd:  Decker Challenge.  December 2010.  My comeback after breaking my shoulder in June of 2010 and after FIVE surgeries that year.  I was proud.  2:21:06 

4th:  Rock n Roll Dallas:  Less than a month after my first marathon (Austin).  March 2011.  I thought it would be a breeze.  It wasn't.  2:17:12 

5th:  Decker Challenge.  December 2011.  A month after Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon and this time it was easy, but hilly.  I was in a happy place.   2:14:43

6th:  3M.  January 2012.  My most epic race to date.  I fell, was bloody, and PR'd.  2:08:33 

7th:  Austin.  February 2012.  Ran with my friend Kelley in hopes of helping her PR.  She did.  2:20:50 

8th:  Zooma.  March 2012.  Ran with my friend Kelley in hopes of helping her PR (again). She did.  2:19:59 

9th:  Pittsburgh 2012.  Determined to have my best race ever in Pittsburgh and hopefully PR.  I did.  2:07:22

10th:  Buffalo Creek.  October 2012.  A training run for NYC and an "accidental" PR (still stands).  2:06:17

11th:  Pittsburgh.  May 2013.  My worst half to date.  Horrible on every level.  My legs just did NOT cooperate then (or now).  2:24:57

12th:  Rock n Roll Cleveland. October 2013.  My "comeback" run after my bladder surgery.  I was pleased.  2:15:23 

13th:  Austin.  February 2014.  ????????????????????  

To be continued… 



lets go lucky #13!
just have fun and do your best! who knows, you may even break 2hr mark?
looking forward to hearing all about it!!!!!!

Susan Tirch said...

Thanks Melissa, Ausitn is HILLY so it will be a slower one, but I will do my best. Thanks for the encouragement.

Kim Yohe said...

just stopped by for the first time! Love the blog. I will include you on my to-read list on a regular basis. I LOVE connecting with other Pittsburgh Bloggers and runners of course!

Kristy said...

Good luck with #13! I know what they say about the number 13, but I actually BQ'ed my 13th marathon and got 13th place in my large age group. I love #13, hopefully you will too! I've heard great things about Austin.

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