Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon Training Long Run: 15 miles

Ok let me set up the scenario for this run.  I ran 13.1 HARD (for me) miles last Sunday, I spent the entire week fighting a nasty cold, worked 10 hours Thursday and Friday (which I'm not used to) and then ran around all day yesterday with the kids.  Did I mention George has been out of town since Thursday, yeah because he has.  I'm not whining, I'm just stating the facts. 

Tracey's husband was also out of town, so figuring out where/when/how to do our long run was a little bit difficult.  We had 2 options for babysitters, both of which fell through.  I finally decided last night to ask my mom to watch all 6 of our kids so Tracey and I could run. My awesome mom agreed, so we drove 45 minutes north to my mom's house in order to run our 15 miles.  

I told Tracey I wanted to maintain a 10:30 for this run.  I did NOT want to start off faster and I didn't want to go slower.  I wanted to run right at 10:30.  I feel like at a 10:30 pace, I can maintain that for the distance.  Hmmmmm we shall see.

So we started off too fast of course.  So much for 10:30 pace.  haha  The weather was great and we were running somewhere new, so I think that got both Tracey and I excited.  I knew we were going too fast, but it didn't seem that fast so I went with it.

Mile 1:  10:08
Mile 2:  10:09
Mile 3:  10:18
Mile 4:  10:28

At the 4 mile mark we made it to our turn around point and… well we turned around.  haha  At the 5 mile mark, I wanted to cry.  Tracey mentioned we were a 3rd of the way there, but to me it seemed like we'd been running much longer and should have been much further into our run.  Still, I moved forward, trying to put the total distance out of my mind.

We made it to mile 8 and back to my mom's where we stopped to use the restroom and fill our water bottles.

Mile 5:  10:23
Mile 6:  10:22
Mile 7:  10:22
Mile 8:  10:32

I had been holding my gloves and hat the whole previous 8 miles and planned to just fuel when we got to my mom's house, but by the time we got to my mom's my stomach was already feeling off.  I grabbed a mini peppermint patty and we got back to it.  STUPID.  I know better.  It's hard to talk myself into eating when my stomach is off, but I should have just done it!

We started running the other way from my mom's house which would take us out 2 miles before we had to turn back.  By the time we got to the turn around point (about mile 10) I was hitting the wall and hitting it hard.  That coupled with a few tiny hills (tiny but hills nonetheless) and I was toast.  I could feel myself fading and fading quickly.  By the time we made it back to my mom's house, I had to keep my head turned and not even look at it because I knew if I did I'd want to stop.  Seriously, by mile 12 I wanted to die and not run another step.  Literally I hoped someone would pick me up and transport me back to my mom's, but alas it did not happen.  

Mile 9: 10:27
Mile 10:  10:45
Mile 11:   10:44
Mile 12:   11:00 

I encouraged Tracey to go ahead and leave me.  I wanted her to run to the 13 mile mark and turn around and I'd just turn around then too.  Instead, she'd run a little bit and then circle back around to get me and continue that pattern.  I felt badly, but she said she didn't want to leave me.

Tracey hit mile 13 and I was at mile 12.9 so I wasn't that far behind, but I was fading more and more and shortly after the 13 mile mark I walked.  I walked about 4 or 5 times for 30 seconds, but it helped to boost me just enough to keep going.  There were times I literally wanted to cry.  I can't tell you what it was either.  My hamstrings and hips definitely hurt, but really my energy was the problem.  I was just zapped.

When we arrived back at my mom's house I was at mile 14.75 and decided to just call it quits.  I had had enough suffering.

Mile 13:  11:40
Mile 14:  12:14
To Mile 14.75:  12:26 average

Total: 2:39:00
Average: 10:46 

It's so disappointing to have a good run for 11 miles and then hit a wall so hard that I wanted to die.  I don't think I've hit a wall like that since the marathon in San Antonio.  Let this be a lesson to myself to fuel properly and the way I know how.

I will cut myself some slack today.  I really did just come off a horrible cold and I'm not even fully recovered.  I didn't even discuss the snot and mucous that accompanied this run (you're welcome).

The only thing I can do from here is move on.  16 miles next week.


Kristy said...

I was just going to say, that it sounds like a fueling issue to me. Have you tried taking salt on long runs? I personally love Salt Stick w/ caffeine, I get them at REI, and a lot of people like S Caps. I alternate salt w/ GU or ENERGYbits and it helps tremendously.
You can get your revenge next week! We all have those crappy runs, just put it behind you and move on.

Shaun Byrne said...

Don't get discouraged about your run, it happens to everyone. How you bounce back is what matters. Hopefully we get some good weather soon with the marathon being 10 weeks away

momswimbikerun said...

thanks for the encouragement. I've been at this long enough to know not to get discouraged by 1 bad run. Chin up for 16 this weekend, but if this weekend goes badly, I reserve the right to have a pity party! haha

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