Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon Training Long Run: 12 Miles

First let me say, a CRAPPY ass run was had today. I was pumped for a good run too, but it just didn't happen.  My body hurt from start to finish.

I can give you the same old story of my legs hurting from too much CrossFit, etc. etc. but I'm sure no one wants to hear my tales of self pity.  No matter the reason, I had a shitty run and that doesn't feel good leading up to my 13.1 in Austin next weekend.

I'm going to lay off the CrossFit this week (maybe just go tomorrow and Tuesday and be done) in hopes of my legs feeling fresh.  I really do want to have a race I feel proud about in Austin.  It won't be my fastest 13.1, of that much I am sure, but I want to be smiling at the end.

Anyway, I met these lovelies at the park this morning for my run.

Tracey, Tiffany, Diana and Charlene 
 I think everyone was on their A-game this morning.  Tracey and Tiffany went out fast and quickly got ahead of us (Tiffany was doing just 6 miles so it's nice to run a bit quicker pace for her I'm sure and Tracey can handle that).

Charlen, Diana and I settled into a slower pace, but I really felt like I was holding the two of them back.  Usually it takes awhile for my legs to "warm up" so I kind of expected a slower first loop, but I looked forward to my legs being awake and catching my second wind on loop 2.

Mile 1: 10:33
Mile 2:  10:24 ---> pretty good even with the big hill
Mile 3:  11:02 conscious effort to slow down… not that far down
Mile 4:  10:35
Mile 5:  10:58
Mile 6:  11:05 --->  took a Gu

We said goodbye to Tiffany and the 4 of use set back out for loop number 2.  It was quickly very obvious that my legs just didn't show up today and to complicate matters further I had to use the bathroom.

Charlene and Diana were already a little bit ahead so I stopped to use the restroom and Tracey said she'd circle back for me.  I most certainly felt better after my bathroom break, but things just weren't going well.  My legs hurt and my feet hurt.  I could tell I was developing a blister (a nice one, by the way) and I was just down in the dumps.

Regardless, I got in my scheduled 12 miles and I just want to move past this run.  I REALLY hope next week is better.

Mile 7:  11:58 ---> used the bathroom and forgot to stop my Garmin for a minute
Mile 8:  10:57
Mile 9:  10:30
Mile 10:  11:05
Mile 11:  11:03
Mile 12:  11:28 ---> really struggling

Total: 2:11:56 
Average:  10:58 


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