Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Random Thoughts From a Crappy Blogger

I feel like I've been such a bad blogger as of late.  And by as of late I mean, like for over a year now.  I just don't know what content will resonate with people.  I write some posts and think it'll be a good one and it's a flop and vice versa.

So most days I throw my hands up and don't write anything.  Mainly because nothing really comes to me, not because I don't WANT to do it.  I guess my life is just kind of repetitive and that makes it kind of boring for the blog.  I mean there are only so many hockey pictures of my kids you can look at, right?  But, but, but look at my girl!!!

Is she not the cutest?  I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to see Ella playing hockey.  Not because it's hockey (I couldn't care less) but because she's doing something that makes her happy.  She was really nervous going out on the ice (her first official practice).  I could tell that she was nervous and she admitted it.  

When she came off the ice, I asked her how it went.  She told me that it was like she was in a dream the whole time.  She said that after 2 minutes of being on the ice she said to herself, "Ahhhh yeah, I'm totally doing this."  Meaning, she wants to PLAY hockey (not just the learn to play program).  Then she asked me how long she was out there.  When I told her it was about an hour, she said, "Wow, it felt like just 10 minutes."  So yeah she loves it and seeing her happy doing something outside her "wheelhouse" makes me happy.  She doesn't just have to be just an artsy fartsy, dancing, singing, girly girl.  

Speaking of girly girl.  Have you seen my boys' hair?  

Yeah they're growing it out.  They want "hockey hair."  I'm not sure what that is entirely, but half of me thinks it's cute and the other half wants to run for the clippers.  I do appreciate, however, that Nicholas is embracing his individuality with his hair.  He's usually too afraid to step outside his comfort zone and this is something totally new and different for him.

And let's face it, Jack is just along for the ride.  Whatever Nicholas does, Jack does.  Don't get me wrong, we all know Jack does Jack, but he really does seem to idolize and mimic his big brother.  Nothing wrong with that.

Oh and guess what?  I signed up for another half marathon.  It's Just a Short Run and it's on March 29th at North Park.

I've done Just a Short Run before (but did the 8.1 miler) and I'm so looking forward to this race.  I love racing at North Park because I know ever nook and cranny of that place and I know when to put in effort and when to hold back.  I'm hoping to have a good race, but I'm really just using it as another training run.

Just a Short Run 8.1 miler, March 2010:  1:17:51
So yeah, I guess we'll just see what happens on the 29th!  

Local Peeps:  Have you ever done Just a Short Run?  Running this year?  
You should say hello when you see me heavy breathing on the course :D 


Autumn said...

I did Just a Short Run last year, the 8.1, and almost died. I had no business running that distance at that time, I had let myself get totally out of shape, but this year I'm back in good running shape (for me), so I've been thinking about signing up and attempting to redeem myself. And by good running shape I mean 9:30 minute miles, lol.

Nichole N said...

From a fellow crappy blogger:
I ran the JASR Half last year. It was actually my first half ever! I really enjoyed it. Great crowd, awesome volunteers everywhere from the start to the fluid stations to the finish, great pacers, and just a generally enjoyable event. I know some people groan at doing "yet another lake loop", but I don't mind it. I really wanted to do a repeat this year, but I'm pushing it to be ready in time for Pittsburgh Half. I have toyed with the idea of doing the 5K or 8.1, but honestly McKinney hill scares me in my current condition. If I feel ok closer to the date I might give it a go, but we'll see.
Oh, and I love kid pics, btw. It's probably a mom thing. ;)

Kristy said...

I'm so bummed, I'm on call the weekend of JASR, so I can't run. :( Have a blast though, I love that race. I ran the 30K in 2008, it was my first race ever.

Susan Tirch said...

I'd LOVE a 9:30 mile right about now. You should definitely sign up. I hear it sells out! ~MSBR

Susan Tirch said...

You should totally do the 8.1 miler. It's a great race and a great distance to fit into your half training. ~MSBR

Susan Tirch said...

That is a bummer. I always say those damn jobs get in the way of things ;) ~MSBR

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