Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stitch Fix

I wanted to tell you guys a little about my most recent discovery—Stitch Fix (and I thought you might like it too).  First, let me just say no one is paying me to write this post.  I really just like Stitch Fix and so I wanted to share.  Now of course if you sign up by clicking through the links throughout this post I will get a referral credit, but really I don’t care too much about that.  I’m here just to share a really cool concept (that I wish I would have thought of). 

Ok so what is Stitch Fix? 

Think of Stitch Fix as your own personal stylist.  I filled out a small questionnaire about my style likes and dislikes and what type of “fixes” I’d like to get.  For instance, whether or not I want work clothes or fun clothes or whether I like classic styles, trendy, romantic, bohemian, etc.   You can also adjust your fix every month if you’re shopping for a special occasion.  I think that’s an awesome concept.  If I know I’m going to a wedding in August, I can adjust my fix and hopefully get the perfect little dress sent to me without ever having left the comfort of my own home.  No pushy and judgmental sales ladies either.  Seriously what’s with them? Oh and each item comes with styling tips on how to wear the item.  I personally like that I can try items on in the comfort of my own home and with pieces I already have in my closet.  

So this month I got my first fix and I was like a kid on Christmas opening it.  I hoped I would love everything, but also hoped I wouldn’t.  I mean they send you 5 pieces and that can get a little pricey  (my actual only complaint, items are on average $65 apiece). 

So what was in my fix?

Let's look, shall we?  

Dragonfly print scarf: 

I loved it but the $28 price tag was just too rich for my blood.  I could find something similar for a lot less. 

Button up Cardigan: 

I honestly really liked this cardigan.  It was a little snug over the “girls” but it was a flattering fit and I liked the color.  It was just a little boring for my taste.  I was looking for something a little more fun.  If I worked a little more often, I might have kept it. 

Denim Shirt:  

I loved when I found this shirt in my fix.  It was a great concept that just did NOT work on my body.  It was a loose, flowy fit, but it looked more like a potato sack on me.  I’m not sure if a smaller size would have even worked on my body type.  I just didn’t feel good in it so it wasn’t a winner.


Black Skinny, Ankle Zip Jeans: 

I wanted to hate these with the $78 price tag.  I really did, but from the moment I put them on, I was sold.  They fit me perfectly, which is REALLY a rarity when it comes to jeans.  Added bonus that I’ve wanted a pair of black skinnies for a while.  I loved that they hugged my body, but the stretch fabric allowed them to feel comfortable.  This is the first pair of skinny jeans that actually felt good on me rather than constricting.  LOVE! 

Color Block Striped Sweater: 

Swoon.  I know this is a tad on the boring side too, but I prefer to think of this one as a classic.  I loved the way this lightweight sweater felt and looked.  I paired it with a pair of white jean capris, but I could see styling this sweater a million ways.  It was a bit pricey as well, but seeing as it is a classic item that will stay in style for a while, I really wanted to keep it. 

As a mom, I rarely buy clothes for myself anymore.  I really don’t.  I might pick up an odd or an end here and there or shop when I have a special occasion, but generally I’m shopping for my kids.  This is a nice way to invest in myself.  And although I'm generally a bargain shopper,  I will invest in quality pieces and I feel Stitch Fix fits that bill.  

By the way, the items I didn't want, I just threw back in the prepaid envelope and dropped in the mail (USPS).  It's that easy.  You're not obligated to buy ANY of the pieces, but if you do buy them ALL you get a 25% discount.    I'm loving Stitch Fix and I've already scheduled my next fix.  

What do you think?  Is Stitch Fix for you?  


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