Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why I Signed Up For the CrossFit Open

My first experience with CrossFit began in August of 2010.  I was in physical therapy, barely able to lift my arm after breaking my shoulder.  I'd be lying on the ground grunting out Is, Ys and Ts all the while watching these "crazy" people do workouts.  (My Physical Therapy Office doubled as a CrossFit Box).

I finally got up the nerve to ask my PT what the hell "those people" were doing.  CrossFit was the answer.  I brushed it off-- the workouts with the funny girls names, people shaking the rig while pumping out pull up after pull up.  It was all so intense and the people did NOT look like they were having fun (little did I know).  They looked like they were in pain.  When my PT assistant wore a shirt that said, "Hello My Fran is 2:23," I was convinced these people were REALLY weird.  I didn't think much more about it.

My journey with CrossFit started like so many of my dreams do-- reading about someone else doing it in the blog world.  I was IMMEDIATELY impressed with CrossFit and how it changed the bodies, minds, and fitness levels of ALL the bloggers I followed.  I remembered the crazies I had seen back at physical therapy and I secretly wanted to try it.

In July of 2012, Tracey told me she had started CrossFit.  I was inspired by my friend to finally take the plunge.  I signed up immediately for my CrossFit prep class.

After I finished my prep course, I officially did maybe 2 or 3 WOD at CrossFit Cedar Park before I moved from Texas.  I immediately signed up at CrossFit TPA here in north Pittsburgh (Evans City) and got started on my CrossFit journey.

Through the fall of 2012 I was training for the NYC marathon and CrossFit definitely took a back seat to my training.  After the marathon, I took time off due to a pulled hamstring and then I came back only to be sidelined again by my bladder surgery in June.

So yeah, my progress at CrossFit was eh… not so great.  Towards the end of 2013, I was going to CrossFit about 2 days a week.  I felt weak and I felt like I sucked… and I did (do), but I think I was getting out of it what I was putting into it.

The thing is, I LOVE CrossFit, I love the way it makes me feel, I love how it challenges me and I love making improvements every damn day.  So at the beginning of 2014, I decided to take CrossFit seriously and step it up a notch.  I committed to going 3 days a week and I committed to challenging myself.  Guess what?  I'm making improvements.  I'm getting out of it what I'm putting in to it.

So here we are just a couple of weeks before the Open and the excitement is palatable and apparently contagious.  I just started thinking about the Open and what it means.  Clearly I am not participating to qualify for regionals.  Clearly I'm not in it to post the highest scores at my box.  I'm doing this for ME.  I'm doing this because I've never been one to step away from a challenge.  I'm doing this to show myself that I can probably do more than I think I can.  I'm doing this to show myself that it's better to try and to fail than to never have tried at all.

I might not post a score.  I might embarrass myself trying.  I might cry.  I might throw-up.  No matter how many times I hear "No Rep" I'll keep going.  And you know what?  I just might get out of it, what I put into it and I plan to give it my all.


Shaun Byrne said...

Good luck, my friends do cross fit and they love it..it's hard work so you get all my respect!

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