Monday, March 24, 2014

CrossFit Open WOD 14.4

Oh the CrossFit Open how I love thee and hate thee all the same.  I pretty much knew Toes to bar (T2B) were coming as they haven't been seen yet and they're almost always a given in the open.  Consequently, I wasn't shocked when they were announced as part of the 14.4 WOD.  


So I did the same thing I do every time the open is announced.  I panicked and then took a breath and decided to try to practice the skill I am unable to do.  I went to Oxford Club (my "normal" gym) on Friday and practiced my toes to bar.  Toes to bar is kind of self explanatory, but it is when you hang from the pull up bar and touch both feet, AT THE SAME TIME, to the bar.   As of Friday the number of T2B I have every been able to complete was ZERO!  Impressive I know.  

I had tried T2B at CrossFit before and have recently gotten VERY close, but had never gotten one.  I will admit that I haven't practiced T2B a lot at CrossFit, so it's my own fault I didn't have them.  Anyway, I went to Oxford with George so he could help me and I practiced my toes to bar.  I hopped up on the bar and I busted one out my very first try.  

I was so flipping excited.  I busted out about 15 and did practice trying to string some together, but was unsuccessful.  The good thing I learned was that I could do them even if it was just one at a time.  I was worried, however, because the diameter of the pull up bar at Oxford was much smaller at than at CrossFit and I worried that was the key factor in getting my T2B.  I mean a good grip is key… so I worried.  

So what was 14.4 WOD anyway?  It was a beautiful chipper and guess what I gave up chips for lent so I shouldn't have even attempted this one!  Ha!  

It looked like this: 

14 minute AMRAP 

60 calorie row
50 T2B
40 Wall balls (14 lbs to 9 ft target) 
30 Cleans 95 lbs 
20 Muscle Ups 

When the WOD was announced, I pretty much knew I wouldn't make it any further than the T2B, but I hoped I could at least get one T2B.  With my new confidence after being at Oxford, I hoped I could get 10 and maybe stretch to 15.  Worst case scenario, I'd get a score of 60.  At least I could row.  

I wasn't really as nervous about this workout as I have been in workouts in the past because I knew I was limited.  There was no way I could have just learned to do T2B and bust out 50 in the time limit.  So really the pressure wasn't on.  I just wanted to get as many T2B as possible and be pleased with myself.  Really anything greater than zero was a win.  

I started off with the row and I wanted to give it a good effort, but obviously I was in no hurry as I wasn't making it past T2B anyway.   Nevertheless, when I started rowing and my coach started "yelling" at me, I couldn't help but give it my all and it wasn't easy.  Rowing is WAAAAAY harder than it seems.  

I remember thinking about the Tagalong (Girl Scout cookie) I had eaten earlier in the day and wondered if it was really worth all this rowing just to work it off.  Answer:  it is not!  It took me about 4:40 to row 60 calories.  Almost 5 minutes of HARD work to work off a cookie.  STUPID I tell you just stupid.  Nevertheless, I was pretty pleased with my rowing.  Not horrible.  

I took a few seconds to catch my breath and and chalk my hands and I jumped right up on the bar and nailed my first T2B.  

After that things got a little sketchy.  I don't know what the huge difference between CrossFit and Oxford was, but things were NOT the same.  I guess the diameter of the bar really did make a difference.  Despite being able to do single after single at Oxford, I was barely getting any good reps during the Open.  

I never gave up however.  I spent nearly 9 minutes going and going and going.  

I only managed to turn out 5 T2B.  

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.  How could I not be?  I wasn't mad though.  I mean I went from having zero T2B on Friday to having completed 5 in a workout on Saturday.  The fact that I got any is really a miracle.  The fact that I tried is because of the Open and that in and of itself is an accomplishment.  

I'm really excited to practice T2B and get them so when they arrive in next year's open (yes WHEN not if) I'll be able to do them so much better.  Also, does anyone know how I can order up some bigger hands because I totally think that would have helped.  Ha!  

One more workout to go in the Open.  I'm praying for some burpees… that I can do!  


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