Monday, March 31, 2014

CrossFit Open WOD 14.5

I don't even know where to begin with this WOD.  First of all I was signed up to do this WOD on Friday evening, but when the WOD was announced on Thursday night I quickly changed to Monday because I had a half marathon to run on Saturday and it was very leg heavy.

I hadn't planned on running hard during the half, but it wound up that I did (FOR ME) and so I was thankful that I had put off the WOD until Monday.  Due to some cancellations with my kids activities, I was actually able to go watch Tracey do the WOD on Sunday.

After watching Tracey I was even more scared.  I saw Tracey struggle through this WOD, so that scared me because I know how strong and determined she is.  If Tracey struggled, I could only imagined how bad it would be for me.  Hint:  BAD!!!!!!

So here's the workout:

For those that don't like math, that is 84 thrusters (at 65 pounds) and 84 OVER THE BAR burpees (meaning with each rep you have to jump with two feet over the bar).  If you don't know what a thruster is, well it's the movement the girl in the picture above is doing and then you stand up and press the bar overhead.  i.e. NOT fun.

So yeah, I headed over to the box to do the WOD this morning and I was a wreck.  I wasn't nervous like I had been with past WODs-- it was a different feeling.  I was scared.  Really and truly scared.  I was so unsure if I would physically be able to do 65 pound thrusters 84 times.  That is a HEAVY weight for me and I've never even done a WOD with thrusters at that weight before.

Unfortunately my time came and I had to start despite really not wanting to do it.  My plan was to do the 21 thrusters as sets of 7,7,7 and then the 18 as 6,6,6, and so on.  Yeah that did not work.  I did 7 unbroken thrusters and then I don't even know what happened.  From then I decided 3 was a better number and I stuck to that for awhile.  Somehow I managed to get through 21 thrusters, but it took a LONG time and the thought of having to do so many more seemed-- well frankly it seemed undoable.

I really took my time on the burpees, trying to save as much of my energy as possible for the thrusters.  It was a good plan I think, but I don't know how much energy I really had.  The 18s were ugly.  I can't even tell you how many reps I was doing at a time, but maybe 2.  That means every time I had to do a thruster I had to clean the bar (expending more energy) but I just wasn't strong enough to keep going.  Eventually even two reps at a time ended in a no rep at the top so I started just doing literally 1 rep at a time.

Getting through the 15s was also torture.  Doing 1 rep at a time and gutting out every single one to make them count.  During this round is when I had to dig VERY deep for every single rep to count. I'd go to thrust it up and my arms wouldn't lock out at the top (no rep).  There were times that I literally said to myself, "pretend your kids' lives depend on it."  It worked for most of the reps, but there was a time I said that to myself, and well let's just said those kids would have been dead had it been for real.

There was a time during either the 12s or the 9s where I literally thought I would cry.  I was trying so hard, but I kept having no reps.  I wanted it so badly and I was using every ounce of strength in my body, but sometimes a rep just didn't count.  It's so discouraging to be telling your body to do something and it won't do it.

When times got tough throughout the workout, I took a lot of time to rest and breathe.  My breathing was just so out of control.  I felt often times like I was going to puke and I wouldn't allow myself to go again until I at least wasn't literally gasping for breath.  I would breathe and refocus and just go again.  The process may have taken awhile, but it's what I HAD to do to get through.

A bunch of people stayed after the 8:30 class to cheer me on-- something I hadn't expected and I'm so glad those ladies were there.  I wasn't making eye contact, but I could see them and I know when things got really gnarly during the 15s and 12s they were praying for every rep to count for me.  With every rep that counted, I felt their relief with mine and with every rep I missed I felt them "mourn" with me.   I know they were cheering me on and I used that energy to get me through.  So thank you ladies!  It really meant so much to me.

Tammy (our box owner) was my judge today and she was so encouraging to me the whole time.  I know there were times she would have loved to pick up that bar for me.  She gave me solid advice and stood there the whole time focused on me and helping me to make every rep count.  I'm so happy Tammy go to judge my last WOD (well not happy for HER, but happy for ME).  It meant a lot to me for her to see me gut it out because Tammy is the CrossFit mama and I really wanted to make her proud of my effort at the very least.

I wish I could tell you how terrible this WOD was.  I wish I could put into words the amount of energy and strength I put into it.  At times I felt like I was being asked to lift a Mack truck up over my head, but I would never allow my brain to quit even though my body wanted to.  I told Tammy going into the WOD I would NOT quit and I never intended nor did I want to.  Trust me, I wanted it to be over and I wanted to literally lie down on the floor and cry like a baby to make it stop, but I didn't.  I didn't stop and I didn't quit.  Not for 46 minutes and 41 seconds when I jumped over the bar once last time with my arms raised in victory.


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