Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm Not a Failure

You might have to scroll to page 4 to find me on the leader board among all the CrossFit TPA athletes performing in the open, but I'm seriously ok with that.  I don't consider myself a failure.  Sure I felt really bad after 14.2, but that was a temporary feeling.  I actually went back and read my post about why I signed up for the open and I realized I had temporarily lost sight of my original goals for myself.

In case you need reminded, here is what I said:

"I'm doing this for ME.  I'm doing this because I've never been one to step away from a challenge.  I'm doing this to show myself that I can probably do more than I think I can.  I'm doing this to show myself that it's better to try and to fail than to never have tried at all. 

I might not post a score.  I might embarrass myself trying.  I might cry.  I might throw-up.  No matter how many times I hear "No Rep" I'll keep going.  And you know what?  I just might get out of it, what I put into it and I plan to give it my all."

With 3 workouts left to do (I've completed 2 already).  I've already done more than I thought I could do.  Hello double unders, I'm looking at you.  And true to what I said, I've felt embarrassed, and I cried, and I literally almost threw up in the bathroom after 14.1.  Who knew I was such a psychic.  

So yeah, whether you have to scroll to page 4 or if my name was bright and shiny on page one, I'm still just as happy.  Ok let's be honest, if I were somehow ever to make it on to page one then I'd be throwing a party, but you get the idea.  

I'm proud of myself for having the courage to try, for continuing even when it felt miserable and actually looking forward to the announcement of the next Open WOD on Thursday.  I'm remembering to congratulate myself for being brave enough to take the risk and from that I will gain something that can't be substituted--- experience and the opportunity to try again.  

Speaking of not failing.  I just wanted to fill y'all in on my Panera eats so far this week.  I've been feeling a little (ok a lot) under the weather so I didn't go to Panera after my long run Sunday.  I really intended to go and try out some post-run fuel, but my body said go home and go to bed.  Ha!  But today I stopped in for a delicious and nutritious lunch to hopefully keep my body heading in the right direction fighting off this cold.  

U pick 2 Fuji Apple Chicken Salad and Mediterranean Beggie on Tomato Basil  

This is a 570 calorie meal with 17 grams of protein.  I really liked both, but I'd probably need a little more protein on a workout day to help keep me full.  They were both delicious, however, and I'd eat them both again.  

Have you checked out the training menu?  What do you think I should try next?  


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