Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm a Runner XXXVI Pittsburgh Marathon Training Edition

Susan Tirch
Dance in my car seat at red lights kinda dancer 
39, Mars, Pennsylvania 

I started training for this marathon in the beginning of January.  I wish I could add up how much snow has accumulated since the time I started training and the number of runs I did when it was less than 20 degrees.  Hint:  It's been A LOT!  I'm so ready for winter to be over.  I love the season, and I'm definitely ready for the next one to start!

I love to run in different places, but I've been in a real rut lately due to the pesky snow.  The only place I really feel safe running is at the park (on a path).  Now that most of the snow has cleared, maybe I can start running on the road again.

I was born to be something other than a runner (of that much I am sure) but I keep trying and I think I should get points for that.  Not sure who's really keeping score, but I deserve a little extra credit. Sometimes I think it takes more guts to continue to do something when you know you're really not that good at it, and probably never will be.

My first marathon was in February of 2011.  Here I am 3 years later and I'm wondering how training has been different and if I can realistically run a faster time than my previous 3 marathons.  Each race was different either in training or the run itself, but each ended in about the same result-- 5 hours.

I am a person who works well with positive reinforcement so I really do get into the crowd.  There's just something about someone calling out your name and reminding you, you CAN do it.  Remember when I got all excited by a banana at a race and wound up falling on my face?  So yeah, I love cheering peeps and think everyone should start coming out for my training runs.  Ha!

I like the Pittsburgh Marathon because it is so full of crowd support.  It seems like there's someone cheering on every corner, at every turn and in every neighborhood.  It's so uplifting and one of the reasons why Pittsburgh remains my favorite race.

There's a time in marathon training where you just want to be done.  You want race day to be here, so you can just go out there and do it.  That time has come for me!

Running has really been hard on my feet lately.  I've got all kinds of issues from blisters to bleeding toes, to bruises.  I've been working with the local running store (MoJo Running and Multisport) and I hope we've made the necessary corrections to help get my feet relief.  I know marathon training hurts, but I think my feet hurting is something that can be controllable.  I think.  I hope!

I've inspired some people to start running lately and I'll tell you that feels AMAZING!!!  It's my absolute favorite thing in the world.

I like when I hit my sweet spot during a training run.  It normally comes between miles 5 and 9 and they are the most glorious miles.  Before everything is shit and after everything is shit, but miles 5 to 9 are great.  I need to do a race where just miles 5 to 9 count!  Ha!

As part of my training, I've partnered with Panera Bread and The Pittsburgh Marathon and am an Official Training Menu Blogger.  Y'all know this already.  Well today I stopped by after my morning run for breakfast and I had THE BEST THING I'VE EVER EATEN AT PANERA.  Yes, that deserved all caps.  I got the mediterranean eggwhite sandwich and it was amazing people.  AH-MAZ-ING!  Here's the description from the menu:  Egg whites, a thick slice of Vermont white cheddar, roasted tomatoes, fresh spinach and basil pesto on our freshly baked Ciabatta.  

You'll thank me if you go to Panera and order this.  Yes you will!  You're welcome!  I'm going back for this again soon.  Yes, I also had the Fat Free Super Fruit Power Smoothie.  Ahhh Panera.  I love you and your training menu.  


Shaun Byrne said...

I am with you when you say your at the point where you just want the race to be here. Like you said hopefully the warm weather stays and we can all finally run on the road

pghrunner said...

It's almost here! (The marathon and the warm weather)! I think the easiest way to get faster, is to increase your mileage, but you have to do it slowly & safely.
Also, I have a friend that ran his first marathon in 5:11, and he is going for sub-3 at Boston, at 36 or 37 years old.
You can absolutely continue to PR, and I wish you the best of luck at your #4!!

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