Thursday, March 20, 2014

Three Thing Thursday 3.20

Three things Thursday….. and go:

1)  I never blogged about my long run on Sunday.  Primarily because it sucked, AGAIN, and what's the sense in writing about my crappy long run… AGAIN.

It was 12 crappy miles (was supposed to be 15) and ended short because I could no longer breathe.   I have a sinus infection that I'm taking antibiotics for, but I'm still nowhere near 100%. I called my doctor again today and told them how everything is settling in my chest and I can't breathe.  They phoned me in an albuterol inhaler and some steroids.  Yay for breathing.  That is a prerequisite to running right?

So yeah anyway… 12 miles.  2 hours 11 minutes and some odd seconds.  NOT GOOD, but I'm moving on.  20 miles this Sunday.  I can do this right?  Right?

2)  I've been eating at Panera.  You know this right?  You know I'm a Panera Official Training Menu blogger right?  Oh you didn't? I haven't talked about it much?  hahaha Ok if you really didn't know you can read about it here.

So yeah I've been enjoying the Training Menu and how it's been helping me stay on a healthy eating train as I train for the Pittsburgh Marathon, which by the way is sold out!  Well you can still do the 5k or the Pet Walk (if you're a pet or have a pet).

Anyway, how do I always get off on these tangents, my menu selections today were delicious.  Once again I went for the Spinach Power Salad, but I tried something new and got the Fat Free Superfruit Power Smoothie and it was a great addition to my meal.  I should also confess that I also had broccoli cheddar soup, which is NOT on the training menu, but delicious nonetheless.  I think I was having withdrawal, so I had to get it.

I thinking adding the smoothie to my lunch (even though I had to share with Jack) was a smart addition.  It helped to keep me fuller longer and that is a good thing.   I'm excited to try the low fat Green B Smoothie next.*

3)  Ella had her half birthday on the 17th and I realized I didn't talk about any of the kids' half birthdays on the blog this year.  So I thought I'd share what you've missed.

My 6.5 year old:

My 8.5 year old:

 My 10.5 year old:

How are my kids growing up so fast.  I say it all the time, but I just can't get over it and how sad it makes me.  *tear*

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*This post is sponsored by Panera Bread and The Pittsburgh Marathon.  All opinions are my own. 



half birthdays! why didn't I think of that?
our oldest 2 children are almost the same age,btw!!
hang in there for the 20 miler this weekend!
embrace the suck if you have too!!
(and the inhalers, be sure to bring one during the run)
: )

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