Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Day in the Life and The April Ab Challenge

My days go by so quickly any more.  I turn around and don't even know where the day has gone.  I've gotten so lazy too and spend a lot o time with my butt parked on the couch doing nothing.  Ugh, I need to break out of winter hibernation mode and get back to being more active throughout the day.  You know what I'm saying, like clean my house instead of watching RHOBH.

I did accomplish a few things today and I managed to capture a bunch in pics.  Lucky you.

I met my friend Jami this morning for a 5 mile jaunt.  I was supposed to go back out and do some more miles on my own, but I didn't feel like it.  So I didn't.  How's that for marathon training?

Afterwards I stopped at Panera to get some post-run fuel.  I opted for the Low Fat Green B Smoothie because I'm now an addict and it's so refreshing after a workout.

Then I came home and did my April Ab Challenge that I'm hosting over on my Facebook Page.  If you don't have a Facebook page, you can still join in on the fun as I made this handy dandy chart to help you know what to do each day.  But you really should join in on the Facebook fun!  And, and, and if you're feeling foxy you can drop a pic of your before abs on my page for a chance to win a gift card.  I'm so proud of the ladies who have already shared pics!

So yeah click on the pic and print it out and hang it on the fridge or the mirror or whatever place will motivate you to get fab abs in April.

While I was getting my Green B Smoothie, I picked myself up a little lunch too.  I got the Spinach Power Salad that never disappoints and I can't even believe how this salad kept me full until dinner.  By the time dinner came around I wasn't even starving.  Go figure.  Ruffage = full and happy Susan.

I don't have a picture, but here is when I started to fall into the couch coma.  I sat down for a well deserved rest (I mean right?) but I didn't get up for too long.  I hate when I do that and it always makes me feel so guilty, but I continue to do it anyway.

Also not pictured:  Cleaning my bathroom and scrubbing the kitchen floor.

Nicholas started CrossFit kids today.  I'm so excited for him to be involved in CrossFit.  In the picture above he's going all out doing air squats as a tie breaker to musical med balls (like musical chairs).  He won the squat challenge!  Always making his mama proud!  He had a great time!  I can't wait for him to go again.

Due to Ella's already heavily loaded schedule she's not participating… yet, but she couldn't resist showing me her chin hold.  10 seconds baby! haha

I finished the night with a 2 hour softball practice.  Did I tell you I'm playing on a rec league this summer?  I didn't?  Oh boy… maybe because I really don't want anyone to know.  It's bad.. as in I'm bad.  Yikes!

So that's it… a day in the life.

Night all!


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