Monday, April 28, 2014

Disney Trip: Downtown Disney, and Epcot

I've been so lazy with my blogging lately.  I guess life is just busy and I'ma little bit lazy, but I didn't want to forget our trip to Disney because we had such a fabulous time.  I have to admit that it wasn't Disney that made ME so happy, it was spending time with my family ALL day every day without the hustle and bustle of life.  I LOVE IT!  

Sunday after my long run we hung out at the pool and then we headed out in the evening for Downtown Disney.  I tried to get Ella to wear a pretty outfit, but she was super excited about her mustache shirt I had bought her a couple of days prior and she HAD to wear it.  Sometimes I wonder why I purchase these things… oh wait because I know she'll love it!  

So yeah we went to Downtown Disney to go to the Christmas store.  Every time we go to Disney the kids pick out an ornament and get their name and the year put on it.  Every year we have pictures in front of this fountain.

And every year the children grow.  I remember when there was just one, then one in the belly, and so on.  Now I've got these big kids, but man I love them more now than I ever knew I would.

Don't know what's up with my hair in this pic… wind?? 
 In addition to the Christmas store we hit the Lego store.  Now mind you this is day one into our trip.  I gave each of the kids a budget and they could spend it anyway they wanted, but once it was gone, it was gone.

Jack wanted to spend all his money right then and there at the Lego store.

I explained to him that he could buy that stuff any old day at Walmart and he should try to buy a souvenir-- something reminiscent of our trip.  He actually got the concept, but that didn't stop him from wanting to buy EVERYTHING he saw that was Disney related and RIGHT NOW!

Ella was definitely the little shopper and was very careful with her money.  She wanted to make sure she spent it on just what she wanted and didn't regret making too early of a purchase.

We made it out of Downtown Disney only having bought the Christmas ornaments we came for.  Nothing short of a miracle.

The next day was Epcot day.  We definitely wanted to go to the parks, but we figured Monday is probably the busiest day for Magic Kingdom.  I mean I totally made that up, but don't you think it's true?  Everyone dying to get to the parks and the go there first.  Ok fine…

We had a few fast passes for Epcot, but mostly the kids were looking forward to the World Showcase (especially Nicholas) and Ella wanted to see Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

We rode some rides that had short lines before the crowds go too bad and moseyed around the park taking pictures.

Lightning McQueen 
Mater, like ta-mater but without the ta 

my handsome dude in the flower garden 

the others 

forever posing 

He had to get in on it 

Phineas and Ferb 

This cracks me up 

If you know Nicholas, you know this is appropriate.  Always on the ground! 

I got it!!! 

Ella acting like Nicholas 

And then we finally made it to the world showcase.  Nicholas began the question!  "When are we going to Canada?"  Of course we started at the wrong end and Canada would be one of the LAST countries we visited.  It was a long day of "When are we getting to Canada."  He didn't even want to eat until Canada.

 We had plenty of stops before Canada.  This included Norway where Elsa and Anna were.  We casually got in line or attempted to get in line and were told that from that point it was a 5.5 hour wait.  I almost fainted.  5 hours to see a princess.  NO WAY!  George promised we'd come back when the park opened on Thursday.  Wait til you hear that story.

I don't even know what country this is 


Love this pic because he's acting like he loves me.  haha

Along the way we met Mary Poppins.  Nicholas was just NOT having any parts of the princess or characters at all really.  Of course Ella was into the beautiful princess and such and Jack really loved all the characters too.

I made Nicholas pose with Mary and she said, "Come along now dear."  He was mortified.

Then shortly thereafter we met up with Alice in Wonderland.  Oh Alice.

She was cute as a button.

I told her big brother wasn't into it and she just had to torture him.  I LOVE this picture.  I do believe he's blushing.

Way to go Alice.  Get those boys who think they're too cool.  One day he'll love you again Alice, but for different reasons…. gross!

After a million questions and ALL the waiting and princesses, we finally made it to Canada.

Nicholas was in his glories.  He so wishes he was born a Canadian.  It's all about the hockey folks.  

He didn't actually eat here, but he did buy a souvenir-- a hockey t-shirt of course.

Even though Canada was a highlight, Test Track was a favorite for everyone.  It was such a cool ride and it was way faster than I expected.  I loved it.  

The children discovered something at Epcot-- Duffy Bear, the official bear of Disney.  WTH???  Seriously doesn't Disney already have an official mascot.  I thought this bear was so dumb, but he was everywhere especially throughout Epcot.  Guess who had to buy it?  Ugh!  He never regretted his decision though.  He loves his Duffy bear and loved meeting him in person.

I'm still bitter about the bear.

I smiled and pretended to like him anyway.  Am I convincing?

After finished the World Showcase and our fast passes we headed out to Hollywood Studios for the remainder of the day.  

To be continued…. 


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