Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lacrosse Mom

You've heard of the soccer mom, the hockey mom, well I'm now officially a lacrosse mom.  All three kids are playing lacrosse and it is in full swing.

Today, it all started with Jack's very first practice this morning.  He has been so excited for weeks as Nicholas started before he did, and his first practice got cancelled due to weather.  Needless to say, with all the anticipation, he was psyched this morning.  Meet #14 on Mars Alien Attack Lacrosse.  Yes really!  haha

Today all three practice/game/practice were back to back to back.  Couple that with CCD and Ella's "Jesus Day" in prep for Communion and we needed some nutritious food fast.

You can see where this is going right?  I really do love Panera Bread and the Official Training Menu and I'm honored to be partnered with Panera Bread and the Pittsburgh Marathon as I train to run 26.2 miles.

The thing is, I have always loved Panera and so does my family.  I eat there with Jack for lunch A LOT and Nicholas and Ella are always complaining that they've missed it.  So today the whole fam powered up with Panera and we were all full and happy to carry on with our activities.

I didn't get to go to Nicholas' game today because I was with Ella at her "Jesus Day" but I enjoyed seeing her prepare for the sacrament of communion.  She's so nervous about it and it's so cute.  Speaking of cute, how cute is this one?

I love the lacrosse look.  It's just so sporty and cute.  I'm such a girl!

Speaking of girl…. then there's this one.  Could she be any more pink?  Girls' lacrosse is pretty much just getting going here in Mars, PA so Ella really isn't playing any games.  She's basically learning skills, but that's fine by me.  She's not really at a level where she would be able to play anyway.

So that's it from this lacrosse/Jesus mom today!  haha I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Don't forget to Power up with Panera!!!  

Have you tried anything from the Panera Bread Official Training Menu?  If so what?  

Are you training for the Pittsburgh Marathon?  What race are you training for?  


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