Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ella's First Communion

Ugh, I'm so behind with my blogging.  I don't know what I've done all of May, but I have been soooooo busy.  So forgive me!  

Ella made her first communion on Mother's Day May 11th (great scheduling you did there George!) 

She looked so pretty in her dress.  When my sister (Ella's godmother) saw her, she started to tear up.  It made me want to tear up.  

We all wiped our tears and headed in to find our seats.  We were there early (go figure) so I secured our second row seats (first row blocked off for the communicants).

I wore my Stitch Fix (<---- referral link) dress, which I loved.

Tracey and her family came to see Ella too.  Jenna was so happy to wear a pretty dress and see Ella.

Granny and PaPa:

Even PaPa Dan came!

I managed to get the boys out of sports clothes for about 2 hours for this event.  That was my biggest accomplishment for the day.

Nicholas said this one wasn't so bad.

Ella was so nervous (but excited) to make her communion.

She told me she didn't know why she was nervous because she only had to say one thing (Amen).

She was so cute though, because for every ounce of nerves there was 10 ounces of excitement.

She loved when she got called up onto the alter…

… and they read her name.  She hadn't expected that and got a HUGE smile on her face.

Soon the time came and it was Ella's turn.

She was a little angel receiving the body of Christ.

What a special day for Ella.  She made George and I both so proud.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 Day One

So this year's memorial day will look a lot like last years.  

Sunday morning we headed to Tracey's camp to spend 2 days 4 wheeling and having fun.  

George got right to it.  

 Last year Ella and Jack fought over Tracey's little 4 wheeler (below).

This year Jenna was old enough to ride it too, so we knew there would be lots of whining and waiting. George has been looking to buy a little quad for awhile.  As it turns out, our neighbor was selling theirs so we added a new quad to the family.  

Nicholas rode George's old quad that he got when he was 12 years old in 1985.  It still runs and is in good condition!


But it wasn't all 4 wheeling fun.  We played kick ball too.  Well some of us did and others declared themselves the "official photographer."   What?  I didn't want to over exert myself on a holiday weekend.  

Anyway, the kids had a fun time.  It was boys against girls and the girls got creamed. 

Bully!!!  All I'm sayin'

Of course the boys took everything so seriously!

Despite the loss, Miss Ella looked quite cute playing.  I couldn't help but keep snapping pics.

After kickball, the kids were quickly back to riding and tried out the zip line too. Being at Tracey's camp is like being at an amusement park only it's free.  

I mean seriously, look at this face.

I wonder where she gets it? 

The boys had fun too!

I love this picture Tracey captured of George catching Jack.  

I also love this one of the two of them.

My favorite pics of the day, however, come courtesy of Ella and Jenna.  I love the genuine moment of true friendship I caught with my camera.  

So cute! 

We topped off the night with a few cocktails and sat around the campfire.  Day two brings more adventures.  I promise to come back and fill you in on that.  I really promise this time! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

PIttsburgh Marathon Race Expo

Still in catch up mode here in the land of Mom Swim Bike Run.  Today I'm blogging about the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo.  

I have to say that I absolutely love the Pittsburgh Marathon and the Half Marathon.  I love the race, I love the city, I love the crowd support AND I love the Expo.  It's really one of the best.  It's not overcrowded, it's efficient and there's lots of stuff to buy.  

Kortni and I hit up the expo first thing on Saturday morning.  We walked right in and got our bibs. 

There was also this wall there with the caption "every runner has a reason."

I thought it was pretty cool and I quickly added my reason (to stay sane).

Then I went over and read Kortni's (to run with a new friend in a new city) and I felt like an idiot.  My "reason" suddenly didn't seem good enough.  Haha!

There was also a wall with everyone's name who registered for the marathon.  I spent and insane amount of time crawling on my hands and knees to find this.  And why?  I have no idea. 

So it was quick and painless.  We got our bibs, shirts (which I liked) and a cool drawstring bag, which is my favorite thing every year.  We then headed out for a small bit of site seeing.  By small I mean we walked under the bridge at the convention center and back.  Ha!

We spent the rest of the day at lacrosse until it was time to eat where we met up with Tracey and Charlene and their families.  Kortni and I sported our new "Run Pgh" shirts that I absolutely love (and am coincidentally wearing again today).

Well I'm not sure how you could have lived if I hadn't have decided to blog about this, but hey I'm trying to capture my memories here.  Go with it.

Still up:  Disney (I know.. it's been forever) and Ella's communion!