Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ella's First Communion

Ugh, I'm so behind with my blogging.  I don't know what I've done all of May, but I have been soooooo busy.  So forgive me!  

Ella made her first communion on Mother's Day May 11th (great scheduling you did there George!) 

She looked so pretty in her dress.  When my sister (Ella's godmother) saw her, she started to tear up.  It made me want to tear up.  

We all wiped our tears and headed in to find our seats.  We were there early (go figure) so I secured our second row seats (first row blocked off for the communicants).

I wore my Stitch Fix (<---- referral link) dress, which I loved.

Tracey and her family came to see Ella too.  Jenna was so happy to wear a pretty dress and see Ella.

Granny and PaPa:

Even PaPa Dan came!

I managed to get the boys out of sports clothes for about 2 hours for this event.  That was my biggest accomplishment for the day.

Nicholas said this one wasn't so bad.

Ella was so nervous (but excited) to make her communion.

She told me she didn't know why she was nervous because she only had to say one thing (Amen).

She was so cute though, because for every ounce of nerves there was 10 ounces of excitement.

She loved when she got called up onto the alter…

… and they read her name.  She hadn't expected that and got a HUGE smile on her face.

Soon the time came and it was Ella's turn.

She was a little angel receiving the body of Christ.

What a special day for Ella.  She made George and I both so proud.  


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