Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon Blogger Meetup

I bet you guys thought I forgot I have a blog.  Truth is I am extremely busy with life and when night time rolls around (when I normally blog) I'm just so tired I don't feel like expending any energy to blog.  It makes me sad, however, because I love my blog and I want to keep a journal of the goings on in my life.  Hell, I still haven't blog about our whole Disney trip we took in mid April. So I'm going to try to recommit and get things going on the blog again.  I'm not sure whether to say you're welcome or apologize.  Either way, here it goes.

As you know I was selected to be an Official Training Menu Blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon and Panera.  What you might not know is I wasn't the only blogger blogging for the marathon.  There were 4?? maybe 5??? Pittsburgh Marathon Bloggers plus Melissa who was a fellow Panera Blogger.

Melissa and I 

Anyway, The Pittsburgh Marathon got us all together for a blogger meet up the Thursday before the marathon and it was really fun.  Of course I was a nervous wreck to walk into a room full of people that I didn't know.  I'm sure I was awkward, but Melissa and I banded together and it was a great experience.   I wound up meeting so many cool people.  I'd already been following most of their blogs, so it felt good to meet them in person.

Kristy from Pittsburgh Runner:

Me, Melissa, Kristy 

Kim from This Runner's Fuel:

Me, Kim, Melissa 
Also in attendance were Mar-- Mar on the Run, Jen--The Local Elite, Nadine--Pittsburgh Mommy Blog and Jenna,--Stop Drop and Blog 

Jen, Kirsty, Kim, Jenna, Melissa, Jeff
Nadine, Mar, me, Clara

The Local Elite (aka Jen Bigham) is a blogger, but more importantly she is an elite runner.  She finished the half marathon as the 5th overall female in 1:20.  Holy #$%^.  

You might also notice Clara Santucci, the female winner of the marathon and Jeff Eggleston who was the 4th American male finisher at the Boston Marathon this year.  It was soooo exciting to meet them.  I especially enjoyed talking to Clara.  She was so down to earth and seemed so sweet.  She asked me questions about myself and they didn't even have to do with running.  She was (is) a tiny little thing but I'm pretty sure you could bounce quarters off of any party of her body.   I kidded that she was my new BFF and I did seriously develop a girl crush on little Clara.  Congrats to her on her awesome win finishing the marathon in 2:32.  Wowza!!!  

Besides meeting all sorts of cool regular people and cool elite peeps, I also got some cool swag from The Pittsburgh Marathon, including my official Panera blogger shirt which I tricked out and wore for the marathon. 

Two people (yes out of thousands) actually approached me during the marathon to tell me they read/follow my blog.  It made me so happy.  Hi Gretchen and Erin!!!  So yeah it was worth the 10 minutes it took me to iron on my blog name.  If you're here because you found me from my shirt, feel free to comment and officially say hello!

I also got a VIP wristband that I have to admit I never even used.  The morning of the marathon it was just too rushed and afterwards I just wanted to get out of dodge.  Plus, I was with my friends and they had already been waiting FOREVER for me to finish.  haha

So there you have it.  I hope you'll follow along with some of my fellow Pittsburgh bloggers or maybe you do already!


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