Sunday, May 18, 2014

PIttsburgh Marathon Race Expo

Still in catch up mode here in the land of Mom Swim Bike Run.  Today I'm blogging about the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo.  

I have to say that I absolutely love the Pittsburgh Marathon and the Half Marathon.  I love the race, I love the city, I love the crowd support AND I love the Expo.  It's really one of the best.  It's not overcrowded, it's efficient and there's lots of stuff to buy.  

Kortni and I hit up the expo first thing on Saturday morning.  We walked right in and got our bibs. 

There was also this wall there with the caption "every runner has a reason."

I thought it was pretty cool and I quickly added my reason (to stay sane).

Then I went over and read Kortni's (to run with a new friend in a new city) and I felt like an idiot.  My "reason" suddenly didn't seem good enough.  Haha!

There was also a wall with everyone's name who registered for the marathon.  I spent and insane amount of time crawling on my hands and knees to find this.  And why?  I have no idea. 

So it was quick and painless.  We got our bibs, shirts (which I liked) and a cool drawstring bag, which is my favorite thing every year.  We then headed out for a small bit of site seeing.  By small I mean we walked under the bridge at the convention center and back.  Ha!

We spent the rest of the day at lacrosse until it was time to eat where we met up with Tracey and Charlene and their families.  Kortni and I sported our new "Run Pgh" shirts that I absolutely love (and am coincidentally wearing again today).

Well I'm not sure how you could have lived if I hadn't have decided to blog about this, but hey I'm trying to capture my memories here.  Go with it.

Still up:  Disney (I know.. it's been forever) and Ella's communion!


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