Tuesday, June 17, 2014

800s are Fun and Other Lies I Tell You (Track Workout)

So the title of this post is a lie.  I just thought I'd come clean.  800s are not, in fact, fun.  Not fun at all!  But PRs aren't going to set themselves and I've got big goals for a 5k in September and a half marathon in October and to get faster, you need to run fast.  So off to the track I went for "Track Tuesday" and did a little speed work (hint:  NOT FUN).

First of all, it was a billion degrees and the sun was shining.  So there's that.  Second, speed work is not fun.  Did I mention that already?

Ok so what was the workout?   Let's see shall we?

The plan was to do a half mile warm up and then do fast 800s.  How do you determine what is fast?  Take your goal marathon time and use that as your 800 time.  So if you plan to do a 4:30 marathon you get 4 minutes and 30 seconds to do your 800s.  My real goal has nothing to do with the marathon (sub 2:00 half) but I still thought 4:30 was a good pace for me and I decided to go with that.   I probably should have just doubled my half marathon goal.  I think that would have been a better "push yourself" goal.

Here's what the day looked like: 

800 m warm up:  Um I messed up my watch so I have no idea how long this took.  

1st 800m:  3:58 (7:56 pace) 

400m:  walk 

2nd 800: 4:03 (8:06 pace) 

400 m:  walk 

3rd 800m:  4:07 (8:14 pace) 

400 m: walk 

4th 800m: 4:13 (8:26 pace) 

800 m cool down

Total (with walking):  4.00 mile in 41:06:63 (10:16 pace)

I've looked back at my past track workouts and I used the same goal (4:30 800s) but this is the best I have ever done.  Hello!  I maintained a 7:56 pace for half a mile.  That's not easy for me so that makes me happy.  Even though my pace got slower each time I still did well.  I'd still like to not have more than 10 seconds difference between my first and last 800m.   Next time I think I'll make my goal 4:00 minutes per 800m too and try to stick as closely to that as possible.  

I really tried hard to do the last 800m faster than the previous, but I just didn't have it in me.  All in all, I'm really happy with how it went today as I haven't done speed work in a LONG, LONG time.  So it's encouraging that I did better than I have ever before.  

Track Tuesdays are sticking around for the summer folks, so be sure to check back. Next week:  400s!!!!  


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