Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don't Kill Me-- An Open Letter to Anyone that Drives

Dear Driver:

I realize you're probably in a hurry.  You probably just got your kids off the bus and managed to shove a snack in their mouths before you had to leave to make it to dance, soccer and swimming (YES all in one night).  Perhaps you've just left work and you're feverishly trying to get home to watch Orange is the New Black.

The point is, I get it.  You're in a hurry, you're going from here to there and you don't have a lot of time and you certainly don't have time for a damn cyclist.  I mean seriously, what the hell are they doing on the road anyway?

Well I'll tell you!  She's a mom.  She has 3 precious children all under the age of 12.  She's a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  She's human, she's REAL!  She's trying to stay healthy by exercising.  She's working toward a goal.  She's setting an example for her children about leading a healthy lifestyle.  She's escaping from the everyday by taking some time for herself.

For all the things she's trying to do, there are many things she's not.  She's not trying to be in your way.  She's not deliberately making you late to work or your appointment.  She's not trying to overtake the road.  She's not trying to own the road and she's certainly not there just to piss you off.

So I ask you driver, when you see a cyclist on the road and your first instinct is to think how quickly you can get around her, did you consider WHO she is?  When you buzzed her less than 1 foot from her handlebars did you consider she's a mom?  When you decided not to wait for the oncoming car to pass, did you consider that there are 3 little people that depend on her?  Did you consider when you floored it to get around her leaving dust flying, that's she's a best friend to a life partner?  Did you consider that one pebble is all it takes to make the bike come out from underneath her and in front of your car?  Did you consider that the 30 seconds that it takes to give way to the oncoming car and wait to SAFELY pass her is the difference between life and death?  Did you consider her children who would be motherless if you hit her?  Did you consider that maybe you wouldn't feel so good about YOURSELF if you hit her?

The next time you creep up on a cyclist on the road, I ask you to consider that the person on that bike is, in fact, a PERSON.   She's someone with feelings, someone who is trying to make a difference in the world, someone who is trying to raise the future of America, someone just like YOU!   She's not someone who's trying to get in your way and she's simply asking for 9 feet.  Really, she's just looking out for you because I'm sure you don't want to deal with her crushed bones beneath your tires.

So I ask you dear driver, please remember we're all human.  We're all just trying to do what makes us happy and we're all getting through the hustle and bustle of life.  I promise you'll never regret taking 30 seconds to go around SAFELY, but you might regret the day you hurt a wife, friend, and MOTHER to 3 small children who NEED her.


ME-- A cyclist and a mom!


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