Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ella's Dance Recital 2014

Saturday and Sunday were Ella's dance recital.  This is something she has been working toward all year and something she was VERY excited to do.  For all the things Ella does, dancing is her passion.  

I think she is a particularly pretty ballerina.  She has beautiful lines and is pretty graceful.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she's the best ballerina on stage, I'm just saying she looks very pretty dancing ballet.  And that's not to say she's JUST pretty.  Do you get what I'm saying?  

High Fifth 

Love her profile 

Genuine happy Ella 

I don't know what else to do.  haha
Another fave of mine 

Are you sick of her yet?

Another genuine Ella face 

For as much grace and elegance Ella has, she has just as much sass and putting on her Jazz costume certainly brought that out.  I swear I don't tell Ella what to do, she just does it and I snap away.

This costume called for a high bun with a "poof."  I was like, what the heck is a poof?  Do you remember the "as seen on TV" bump it?  Well that's basically what it is.  Well when I did this poof Miss Ella came alive.  She LOVED it.  I'm in big trouble with this girl.

Ella's tap performance was fun and she really got into it.  She made all sorts of expressions with her face and was totally working it.  She seemed to be so much in her element and I loved it.

Pretty Ella 

Trying to just smile and hold back the sass 

Trying to capture her serious side 

I'm about to burst 

Finally!  Sassy faces again!  

Dad is bringing out the guns 
Tracey's daughter, Jenna also dances for the same company and she was an absolutely beautiful ballerina.  Front and center in each of her performances (Ballet and Tap).  Jenna is a born performer.

Love this picture of the two of them.  I hope they are lifelong friends 

After ballet and jazz on Saturday, Ella had tap and hip hop on Sunday.  We started with tap.  Tap is Ella's favorite dance, although she's nothing she really doesn't like.  She loves it all, but tap is her fave.

I loved her tap performance and it was probably my favorite.  All the girls knew this dance really well.  Ella never turned to look at another dancer to see if she was on the right part.  She just danced with confidence and it was very entertaining.

Her final performance was hip hop.  I had been waiting all year to see Ella do this dance.  This was her first year doing hip hop (she took it once during the summer) and I love seeing her do this type of dance.

Is this my life through the teenage years? 

Even though the tap dance was my favorite, hip hop was a close second.  I just couldn't watch it without giggling.  She looked so grown up and so cute doing some of the moves (nothing inappropriate).

So gangsta 
So there you have it.  Another year of dances down and another year of happiness that can NOT be replicated by any other activity for Ella.  It's worth all the time and money spent to see her so happy!


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