Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014-- Here's Your Card

So George was "mad" at me because I didn't buy him a Father's Day card.  The thing is, he didn't know I had this post planned all along.  You see cards cost almost $5 these days and they never say what really needs to be said anyway.  I  planned to make a post to say all the things I need to say and I hope that's more meaningful than a card.  So here goes:  

Dear George:

On this day, Father's Day, I wanted to take the time and tell you what an amazing father I think you are.  While many dads are out and about playing golf or drinking beer at the bar, you are always with us.  You rather spend time with our family than on your own and it doesn't go unnoticed by me.  More importantly it doesn't go unnoticed by the kids.

I'm pretty sure there is nothing you wouldn't do for your kids. Even if that means holding a party hat on the dog for her first birthday, or even just getting the dog in the first place.  You work hard to give them the best of the best when it comes to things, but it's not even that which matters to them.  It's the time you spend.

You have a unique relationship with each kid.  Nicholas is the oldest and you definitely hold a very special place in your heart for your first born child.  For as much as Nicholas is like me, he's even more like you in certain parts of his personality.  His shy way about him definitely comes from dear old dad.  I know he looks up to you with so much love and admiration.  He's always aiming to please his daddy.  I love that you two joke all the time and he purposely pushes your buttons to earn himself a punishment tickle.  I think the day will come (and too quickly) where you'll be missing your evening tickling sessions.  As has happened over the years, your relationship will continue to evolve and I know one day the two of you will be best friends, when you no longer have to be "the parent."  

Then there's Ella.  Your baby girl.  I'm not sure you will ever let her go.  You are definitely protective of your little princess.  I feel sorry for the first boy that comes to the door to take Ella on a date or to the prom.  You always kid that she's on "lock down" until she's 25 and I don't think that really a joke in your mind.  Like Nicholas, Ella looks up to her dad so fondly.  She has a relationship with you that would be enviable by anyone.  I love the way she looks at you with pouty eyes and lip to coax you to give her what she wants.  Sure it's a joke, but I think it still gets you.  I'm sure she'll be using that tactic for many years to come and I hope you'll continue to "give in" and give your little girl the world.  When Ella gets older, I'll probably have many conversations with her about choosing a good boyfriend/husband.  Honestly, I'll just have to tell her to find a man like her dad.  She may be looking for a long time because those will be some big shoes to fill. 

Jack, the child you never wanted.  Haha, I'll never let you live that one down.  Imagine George, a life without Jack.   A life without Jack would be a life without ice cream or better yet a life without sprinkles.  He's the spunk that everyone needs in their life and he's just what our family needed to be complete.  Jack is definitely the baby of the family and even though I don't think you'd admit, you absolutely baby him.  It's ok though because I wouldn't want it any other way because... well because he's our baby.  His personality brings out the best in you and I love to watch you laugh living life through Jack's eyes.  He may push you to your limits acting so much like his mama (spoiled much???) but I don't think you'd want him any other way.  I feel like Jack really is the most like you.  I picture you two growing long beards for hunting season and hunting in the woods without taking showers and being 100% ok with it.  Jack wants to be just like you and I don't see a darn thing wrong with that.

Thank you for being the "leader" of our family, for always taking care of ALL of us and putting everyone's needs in front of your own.  Thank you for loving us all unconditionally and more importantly showing us every day you care.  

Most importantly thank you for being the best father to our children.  If I could have hand selected a dad (well I kind of did) I couldn't have asked for anything more.  

So George, I may not have gotten you a card, but it doesn't mean I don't care.  It just means I wanted to put all my feeling into my own words and it didn't cost me a dime.  That ought to make you happy.  

Happy Father's Day!  I hope you enjoyed your special day.  



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