Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm a Runner XXXI

Susan Tirch
Pro at sitting on the couch and watching trashy TV  
39, Mars, Pennsylvania 

Since I started running and exercising in general it has become such a HUGE part of my life and what people associate with me.  People I hardly know will often times talk to me about their lack of working out and make excuses etc.  I'm always thinking to myself "why are you telling me this?"  I wonder if they think I'm judging them because their lifestyle isn't like mine.  Hint:  I'm most definitely NOT!

My kids are definitely growing up in a generation far different than mine.  My sibling and I were always  outside playing from dawn til dusk.  I think the world has become so focused on GO, GO, GO that we forget to let the kids be kids.  This summer I'm focusing on good clean fun for my kids and I know that will involve a lot of SWIM, BIKE and hopefully some RUN!

I ran pretty well in elementary school.  I'm sure that's hard to believe, but I was pretty fast among my class of what 25 kids.  We'd go to the track and I did well and I also remember being speedy at the shuttle run.  I always came in second though.  Damn you Sara Culley!

My favorite run has now become the Pittsburgh Marathon.  It was so perfect in so many ways and part of me thinks it can't really be topped.  I may never want to run a marathon alone again.  Having Kortni by my side was HUGE part in making my day so enjoyable.

I've never really considered doing an Ultra Marathon.  I don't know how people get past the physical pain and don't even get me started on the mental.  I can't imagine on step further than 26.2 (or 26.6 if your personal marathon course runs long like mine did).

When I practice my form (which is horrible we all know this) I picture myself running perfectly, but I know I'm still running pigeon toed with my butt stuck out.  It's never going to change and I guess I need to accept that.  Recently Nicholas told me it was embarrassing and he does a pretty good impression of my bad form.

I love running in the rain, but only if it's warm.  There's something about running in the rain and watching the passers by (in cars) shaking their head.  You know they're thinking "idiot."  Yes, yes I am!  This applies to extreme cold, snow, sleet, ice, etc. too.

CrossFit has been amazing for my racing.  I'm not saying it has made me faster or stronger (that's really hard to measure as so many things go into running) but I KNOW FOR CERTAIN that CrossFit helps in my recovery.  My legs after the marathon would good to go (basically no soreness) and same goes for completing the MS 150 bike ride.  I know it's because of CrossFit that my muscle recovery has improved so much.

To get up for a run I normally just have to lace up.  Most days getting out there and just doing it is enough to get me out of my "I don't want to run" funk.  Somedays, however, just aren't meant for running and I'm ok with that.

The worst thing about running is the mental game.  I hate that I refer to myself as slow or that I always feel like I need to make a disclaimer when I meet someone knew and they find out I'm a runner.  Damn it I AM A RUNNER!  I've run 4 marathons and 14 half marathons.  What else am I?


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