Sunday, June 22, 2014

Luke Bryan Concert 2014 (Because Now It's an Annual Tradition)

If you've been around my blog long enough, then you know my sister is a HUGE Luke Bryan fan.  As in she's almost 48 years old and is in his FAN CLUB!  We (my two sisters, sister and law and 3 nieces) all went to the concert last year and decided to make it an annual tradition.  Here's the goings on of year two.

Ok so wear to begin.  My sister (Amy) made (yes MADE) us get up early and leave her house by 9:30 am for a 6 pm concert.  Yes you read that correctly!!!  We promptly arrived in our prepaid parking spot at 10:12 am and it was raining.  UGH!  So we all piled in the back of my Expedition with the tailgate up and started the "party."

It was a bit chilly in the beginning and I was really bummed that it was raining.  I could handle that it wasn't a beautiful day, I just didn't want to be rained on.  We made the most of it though and it wasn't long before the rain stopped (definitely by 1 pm) and then it was a really nice day.

It became apparent VERY early on that this tailgate/party was one old people (like us) should not have been invited to.  Now granted we were there with some youngins.  My nieces were there with us and so was my nephew.

Nieces:  Emily, Genna (back) and Abbey (front) 

Emily (I think she could be mine) belongs to my sister Sara 

Genna (belongs to my sister in law Amy) 

Abbey, belongs to my sister Amy 

I had to sneak a pic with my nephew because he's too cool for me.  haha He's single ladies! 
So yes we were there with some young people, but if we looked around there were probably only 10 other "old" people in eyeshot.  This was clearly a HUGE party and not a tailgate.  A HUGE frat party and there were no rules.  I saw everything and every bodily function going on and that's all I'm going to say about that.  NEVER AGAIN.

Despite the bad frat party going on around us, I had a REALLY great time.  I had a great time because I NEVER get to spend time with my sisters and sister in law plus my nieces all together.  It's a rare occasion that we are all in the same spot, let alone just us girls.  So it's a special time and one I definitely appreciate having.  

As soon as the clock struck noon, my sister Amy was on the VIP pick-up prowl.  She had gotten us VIP tickets and we could get them from will-call at noon.  She wanted that lanyard hanging from her neck and we had it promptly by 12:01.  haha

The only problem is the VIP tent didn't open until 4 pm and Amy said we weren't going in until 5 pm.  Amy (sister in law) and I were joking the whole day.  She'd ask me what time it was and I'd say ONLY 2:10 and we'd crack up laughing.  We were just tired of all the partying going on around us.  It's not that we weren't having fun.  It was a running joke between us all day.  We were officially old, but we made the most of it hunkered down in my "trunk."  

In case anyone wondered.  I only had a few drinks over what would become a 15 hour day and I took my last sip of alcohol at 3:30 pm and didn't drive home until 11:30 pm.  I just wanted to make it clear that no one in our crew was drinking and driving.  

DD (designated driver) and DD (boobs) 

Soon enough 5 o'clock did roll around and we got to leave the absolute mayhem that had ensued in the parking lot.  By that time it was wall to wall madness and I really needed to escape.  I didn't expect much from the VIP lounge as last year it was some carrots and ranch, but this year we hit the mother load.

The food was PLENTIFUL and restocked constantly and not to mention good.  There were great sandwiches, homemade chips, dips, veggies, shrimp cocktail and a plethora of desserts.  I shoved my face with as much as possible.

The only problem with the VIP lounge was the temperature.  It was probably about 65 degrees and WAAAAAY too cold for me.

Covered up with the tablecloth 
Even though we got into VIP at 5 pm, Luke wasn't scheduled to sing our private songs until 7 pm.  We had some time to kill.  

Eventually 7:30 rolled around and so did Luke.

Luke quickly sang two songs and was on his way.

We got into the show just in time to catch Dierks Bentley.  Did I tell you how amazing our seats were?  Um yeah, that's not a shot of the big screen, that's actually him!

Luke was amazing and I loved being so close.  I could see if he had spinach in his teeth (he didn't by the way).

Luke is an amazing performer and I really do love his music and I'll admit he's pretty darn sexy on stage.

The best part of the night came towards the end.  My sister had made Luke a sign (pictured above).  She was holding it up as Luke walked out to the end of the stage.  She hoped all night he would see it.  Finally as he's singing the lyrics "call me" he saw her sign and pointed to my sister as he sang.  It was so awesome and worth every minute it took for my sister to make that sign.  My sister in law caught the moment as it was happening.

Luke making the "call me" sign and pointing to my sister
It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

We luckily made it safely home at 1 am.  I say luckily because I am convinced 50% of those driving were drunk and we had a SERIOUS near miss on the highway going home when another driver swerved into my lane.  He came inches from hitting us all while traveling 60 mph.  It was so scary.

I hope this is a tradition we continue for many years to come.  Maybe next year I'll cut back the pre-party a little.  A fifteen hour day was a little much for this mama, but I still wouldn't trade the day for anything!


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