Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Track Tuesdays: 400m Track Workout

You know what today is?  It's Track Tuesday!!  You know what else that means?  The normally dreary, overcast skies in Pittsburgh clear away and the sun shines brightly, boring into your skin, and making you think death is imminent.  I know it's a tad dramatic, but it was 85 degrees and it was absolutely brutal.  

All of us moms get together and I punish them all with my planned workout.  The plan was to do 12 X 400s with 200s walking or jogging in between.  There was some debate at the beginning if the repeats should be 10 or 12.  Tracey and I wanted to do 12, but we all decided to do what we wanted.  Yeah I wasn't three in before I realized 12 might have been a little too ambitious in this heat.  

Myself and Tracey 

Since I took a picture of Charlene last time when she was unprepared, I took this one with plenty of advanced warning.  I might even detect a smile.  Don't let that fool you because we all were suffering something fierce. 


Maria and Kim 

So yeah, we did 800 m warm up (half mile) and then 10 X 400s.  The 400s were to be at 5k pace or better and then you could walk or jog 200 m in between each 400.  Make sense?  The goal is to do each 400 at a consistent pace.  That is, not allowing more than 10 second difference between each 400.

Here are my splits:

Warm up 800m (and some talking to explain things before we started):  7:33

#1:  1:49.40 7:16 pace
#2:  1:59.50 7:53 pace
#3:  1:58.79 7:49 pace
#4:  2:02.42 8:09 pace
#5:  2:04.97 8:03 pace
#6:  2:04.57 8:20 pace
#7:  2:03.05 8:13 pace
#8:  2:05.97 8:09 pace (this 400 was a little over that's why the pace is lower)
#9:  2:07.62 8:26 pace
#10:  2:05.82 8:13 pace

I obviously went out way too fast for the first 400, but I'm pretty happy with my pace after that.  I was pretty consistent and didn't allow more than a 10 second difference (if you don't include the super fast first 400).  This may not be fast to other people, but this is fast to me!

Even though I hate it, I love it too because I know it's so good for me!  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

I also love that this is something we can do "with" our kids.  The kids play inside in the field (lacrosse, soccer, etc) while the moms run.  It's good for us, good for them, and good to be showing them what their mamas can do.  Even though I did hear some "Get those knees up" and "you guys weren't even sprinting."  Little shits!  haha

Stop back next Tuesday for another fun workout.  Up next Fartleks.  Excuse me!  ;)


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