Monday, July 7, 2014

Family Frenzy 2014

So it was the Frenzy.  The annual event held at my sister's lake house where all the family gathers from near and far.... screeeeeeech.  Um someone sold their lake house.  Rude Brian (my brother in law) just rude.

No worries, because they are in the midst of building a beautiful new home that will be bigger and better for all of us to invade next year.  Until then my brother in law was kind enough to build the patio and docks on his property and we tailgated all weekend on the property and spent the night with my mom who also has a house at the lake (by not on the water).

Here's a few of the highlights of the weekend via pictures:

The boys don't put up a fight when I buy them matching clothes.  Jack actually likes it and Nicholas is just a damn good kid.  

They spent most (if not all) of their time in swimsuits, but they did have 3 other matching outfits.  What?  I can't help myself.  

Of course Miss Ella had her red, white and blue as well.  Which reminds me, I need to go shopping for next year's clothes while the deals are hot.

The 4th of July was actually very cool.  It was bright and sunny, but the wind was up to 15 mph and it made it VERY chilly.  I was in a sweatshirt and sweatpants all day long.  I wasn't pleased (especially when I saw this pic of me looking like a cow in said sweat outfit).

The kids still went tubing and Nicholas went out on the kayak.  Kids don't care.

I just sat on the patio and eventually decided to drown my sorrows in Bud Light Lime.

 The next day, however, was gorgeous and we finally go to enjoy the beautiful lake and patio.

Ella braved tubing...

.. and I ventured out on the boat to capture some moments.

 I was glad the weather improved and so did my spirits.

Jack was so cute on the dock, I couldn't even stand it.  He had the binoculars and God only knows what he was scoping out.

Eventually he and Ella went out in the kayaks.  Don't worry, they couldn't go too far tied up to the dock.  Ha! 

It was a beautiful day that ended with this gorgeous sunset. I mean if these were the brochure, wouldn't you come visit "the patio"?

The kids enjoyed doing some sparklers (always a tradition with Granny).

Then we watched the fireworks and called it a night.

Another great Family Frenzy despite the slight hiccup of having no lake house.  Ha!  Who needs a house when you've got all of the other stuff?  Not us!


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