Sunday, July 6, 2014

Friendly Frolic 2014 Race Recap

You might recall the annual Friendly Frolic-- a 2 mile race run at my sister's lake house community each 4th of July weekend.  

My sister hosts my entire family (meaning extended family) for the annual "Family Frenzy."  This year there was a lot less family and a lot less frenzy due to the fact that my sister sold her lake house. She has a new piece of property where they are currently building a new home, but no house as of July 4th.    

It would stand to reason then that the number of frolickers also diminished this year.  

Back:  Me, George, Sister Amy, Niece Abbey, Niece's Boyfriend Cody, Nephew Andrew
Front:  Nicholas, Ella and Jack 

Still the turnout was better than it had been in years past (with teenagers sleeping in and whatnot).  Everyone had a partner to run with but me.  Hmmm should I be concerned or offended?  

George and Ella
Amy and Jack 
Andrew and Nicholas 
Abbey and Cody 

George never runs, but decided he could handle Ella's pace this year.   Amy just came off a recent workout hiatus due to surgery and elected to run/walk with Jack.  He was BEYOND excited to participate for the first year.  

Andrew was having hamstring issues and wasn't going to run.  I asked him to run with Nicholas as that would be a much slower pace than he's capable of.  He agreed.  Yay Andrew.  Abbey and Cody we doing their thang.  

As per usual, I was SO nervous going into this stupid race.  I despise short races.  I hate running fast and that's mainly because I kinda suck at it.  I went back and forth about running with Ella as she asked me several times to please run with her.  I knew I'd regret it if I didn't try to run my own race so I decided to do just that.  

The race starts at 9:30 am and it was pretty much perfect race conditions.  It wasn't very hot (but it was sunny) and it wasn't humid.  Weather really wasn't going to be a factor.  

The kids got their stretching on and we eventually all lined up.  

Nicholas made Andrew and I line up in the front and my plan was to try to keep up with them as much as possible.  The horn sounded the start of the race and those boys took off.  It VERY quickly became apparent that I would NOT be keeping up with the boys.  

I was running so hard and my breathing was definitely out of control.  People were passing me and all of them appeared to just be jogging along.  It was so frustrating.  I just kept thinking about my goal 17:00 or better (my course PR).  That means I had to run an 8:30 pace.  I tried not to look at my Garmin too much.  I knew if I was breathing HEAVY I was working hard and trust me I was breathing HEAVY.  It was embarrassing actually.  

At one point I just thought I couldn't go any further.  I wanted to give up so badly.  I thought about pulling up and waiting for Ella.  I looked down at my Garmin and I was at mile .54.  I pushed on and told myself to just do it.  

This course is an out and back course and seeing the fastest runners coming back toward me made me feel better.  I kept my eye out for Nicholas and Andrew and tried to shout words of encouragement to Nicholas.  I could barely speak!  I don't even know how he looked because talking, running and looking was apparently too much for me to do at that point.  Oh and take a picture.  

After Nicholas and Andrew passed me, it occurred to me I hadn't really seen many women.  I counted 5 women from the turn around point and figured there were another 10 ahead of me.  I wasn't doing so badly.  That was the mental boost I needed to keep gong.  Well that and I was about to hit the turn around.  For whatever reason hitting that turn around is a huge mental boost.  

Mile 1:  8:31 

I had a few things to focus on after I turned around too.  I'd get to see all the others.  Abbey and Cory were right behind me and then Ella and George and finally Amy and Jack.  It was so great to see Amy and Jack because Jack was all smiles and waving to me.  It was so cute how happy he was.  

Soon though Cory passed me like I was standing still.  Apparently he got the itch at the 1 mile mark and Abbey let him go.  I think he was in a full on sprint and I cursed at him as he went by.  Ugh, why did he have to make it look so easy?

I kept pushing on, however, and kept reminding myself that it was almost over.  I could tell I was slowing down, but I wouldn't really allow myself to look at my pace.  I promised myself to just push as hard as I could.  That's all I could really ask for from myself.  

With about .2 miles to go I dug deep and gave this race pretty much all I had.  I tried to run as quickly as possible to the end.  I rounded the corner and saw the time on the clock and couldn't wait to hit the timing mat.

Mile 2:  8:40 

Total:  17:16 or 8:38 pace 14th of 91 females and  52nd out of 195 overall 

Of course Nicholas and Andrew had finished before me.  I'm so proud of Nicholas.  His only goal was to do better than he had the prior year and he did that by over 30 seconds finishing in 16:08 or an 8:04 pace.  

Cody managed to clock a 16:22 after holding back with Abbey the 1st mile.  Youth!  Abs finished in 18:58 which is a PR for her (I believe).  

Next in were Ella and George.  Ella took 3 walk breaks throughout the whole race and took almost 5 minutes off her time from last year finishing in 21:38 or a 10:49 pace.  

Pretty soon Amy and Jack were rounding the last corner and Jack was still smiling.  Nicholas had come to run him in and they sprinted to the finish.

I also told Amy to kick it in or I was going to take pictures of her backside.  She sprinted to the finish.  

Amy and Jack finished in 26:28!!  Bam!  So proud of my boy (and my sister from coming back from her surgery).

Another great year at the Friendly Frolic and another lesson to myself that I'm capable of more than I think I am.   A sub 17 is out there for me even if it wasn't this year, but I pushed myself and I'm proud of that much!  Go me.


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