Saturday, July 26, 2014

Roatan Vacation: Day One

Oh my goodness you guys.  I hope you forgive me for being absent while my family and I vacationed in the beautiful Roatan, Honduras.  It was an amazing, relaxing vacation and I want to document each day for you.  

We arrived in Roatan on Saturday about midday.  It was so awesome to see Ella reunited with her BFF and, of course, I was so happy to see Bianca and crew.  

We headed right over to our resort (Infinity Bay) and hoped for an early check in.  No dice.  

We had about an hour or two until our room would be ready so we headed out to "la palapa" (the hut) for lunch.  

I was immediately taken with how beautiful everything was.  You always wonder when you book a vacation such as this if the resort will live up to the website or brochure.  I just hoped it was as nice as it looked, and it was!  We had awesome views and were literally just steps from the beach.  The water was the color of a Tiffany box (my favorite) and it was beautiful to look at.

As soon as we got into our room, we changed our clothes and got right in the pool.  The pool was gorgeous.  It was HUGE.  There were two sections, the first you can see in the picture below and then another section almost as large beyond the bridge in the background.

There was also a swim up bar that was awfully convenient for scoring our first adult beverage.  I had to persuade the kids to go to the ocean, they were so excited about the pool.

We played around for a couple of hours, before it was time to head out for dinner.   The girls (of course) had to be in their matching outfits.  (A theme you'll recognize as I blog about the week's events).

As we were walking to dinner, the sun was setting beautifully.  It would be the first of MANY beautiful sunsets we saw each evening.  I couldn't get enough of watching this scene.  That's not something you take the time to do in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  I'm so glad we took the time on vacation.  

Tracy (Bianca's daughter) was so happy about it, she wanted to put it in her hand and take it home.

I couldn't get enough pictures... a theme that will be recurring all week.  I think everyone was sick of me by day 2.

Except Ella, she's always happy to pose for me.

We finished out walk and made it to the restaurant just as the sun went behind the horizon.  I think I captured the moment perfectly.  I mean seriously, doesn't this look like a postcard?

And just like that, day 1 of our vacation came to an end, but don't worry.... MANY more adventures await.


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