Monday, July 28, 2014

Roatan Vacation: Day Three Parasailing

I'm going to be honest, it was a rough life being in Roatan.  The blue skies, the beautiful water, it was all so hard to look at everyday.

We decided on Monday that we would go parasailing.  I was going to let the kids go with David and Tracy, but it turned out Jack had no interest in going.  So I decided I would go and I'm so happy I did.

Ella had no apprehension whatsoever.  She was confident and excited the whole time.

Nicholas, on the other had, was a complete wreck.  There were times while he was waiting for his turn where I thought he would cry.

I couldn't believe my little girl was being so brave.  She stepped right up there and got attached to the sail to go flying in the air.

And she was so excited to do it.  I wondered if she'd be scared when she was up there.  Would she have fun?  Would she cry?

Off they went and the excitement showed on their faces.

When they came back down, they were just as excited when they left.  Everyone loved it and they were all smiles.  It was a great experience!

I honestly wasn't nervous.  I knew it would be fun, so I focused on keeping Nicholas calm.  I just told him, "you're doing it" and "you'll be fine."

We were off and Nicholas had a grip on the straps that turned his knuckles white.

But as soon as we were off he said, "oh it's not that bad."  I don't think his death grip loosened, however.

I was so surprised how clam it was up 600 feet in the air.  I thought it would be so windy that we wouldn't even be able to talk to one another.

It wasn't at all!  It was the exact opposite actually.  It was so calm and smooth and peaceful.  Of course it was over so quickly and that made me sad.  I could have stayed up there quite awhile.

I'm so proud of Ella and Isabel being just 8 years old and being brave enough to float into the air and having such a great carefree attitude.

I'm also proud of Nicholas for being scared, but doing it anyway.  I'm glad he learned that even if something is scary, it can turn out to be fun!

We spent the rest of the day at the pool and then enjoyed another beautiful sunset walking to dinner.

I can't get enough!

I watched more sunsets in Roatan than I have in the whole rest of my life.  Sad but true.

At least I've captured enough pictures for a lifetime.


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