Sunday, July 20, 2014

State Parkin: Raccoon Creek

I should mention that I am going on vacation this week.  My family and I are going to Roatan, Honduras to meet my friend Bianca and her family.  Bianca is from the island originally and is visiting her family and then coming to join us at our resort.  I'm beyond excited for this dream vacation.  So forgive me if my posts are few and far between or maybe not at all this week.

The day before we left, however, we had another great STATE PARKIN day. Remember I told you Tracey and I are trying to hit the 20 must see state parks in Pennsylvania?  Friday, we hit up state park number three, Raccoon Creek.

Each park really does have something different to do.  At Raccoon Creek we intended to spend most of the day swimming, but we decided to do a little hiking first.  

We got there around 10:30 and started our hike.

Pretty much everyone started complaining (or was it just my kids) that they were hungry.  And the trail was narrow and an older couple had warned us about poison ivy.  So all the kids were obsessed with the fact that every leaf in the woods was poison ivy (it wasn't).

So the hike wasn't nearly as fun (for me) as it has been the past couple of times.

Plus Tracey just talked on her cell phone the whole time so that was enjoyable.  I kid, I kid.  Her husband called.

Somehow we survived a small hike (maybe half a mile up then back).

And it wasn't a moment too soon either because I think the kids were all withering away to their near death from not being fed for 2 hours.  Can you imagine?  TWO hours!!!

The food made them happy however, and they got right to playing in the water.

Ella and Jenna were the only ones who would stay still long enough for a picture.  The boys all played really well together.  Give them a football and they're happy.

I also brought some shovels, pails, etc. to dig, but let's just say PA sand isn't exactly sand.  It's really just mud.

They had fun digging anyway.  It was just gross.

Jack asked if he could take a picture with my camera.  I let him!

And that's the story of Raccoon Creek State Park.  I love this adventure and I love doing it with Tracey and her kids.  If you noticed we had a couple extra.  Those are just a couple of Tracey's friend's kids that she was watching for the day.  Didn't want anyone to think Tracey or I had a adopted a few more.  

We'll see you for our next, "State Parkin" adventure.


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