Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Track Tuesday: Intervals

I originally said that today's Track Tuesday would be Fartleks, but apparently I don't know what Fartleks are because I actually planned an interval workout.  haha No seriously I do know what a Fartlek is, but this is not it.  The real difference between a Fartlek and an interval workout is that a Fartlek really isn't structured.  The terrain, speed, and intervals are all varied.

So today's workout was actually an interval workout and it looked like this:

Of course today's weather was typical of Track Tuesday.  80s and blaring sun.  Seriously weather gods?  I can't even tell you how many cloudy, overcast and rainy days are in Pittsburgh.  Can we get one on a Tuesday please?  

Nothing we can do about it though so we pressed on and got to the workout.  

Here's how it went down:

.5 mile warm up:  9:59 pace

Interval 1 (5 minutes hard):  .66 miles/7:30 pace
Interval 2 (4 minutes hard):  .50 miles/8:01 pace
Interval 3 (3 minutes hard):  .36 miles/8:15 pace
Interval 4 (2 minutes hard):  um messed up the Garmin sorry bout that
Interval 5 (1 minute hard):   .13 miles/7:42 pace

.5 mile cool down:  not sure of time

Total:  4.5 miles 42 minutes or 9:27 pace 

By the end of this workout, we were all a hot sweaty mess.

This workout was pretty darn intense.  For me to be running at a 7:30 pace for over half a mile seems insane.  Heck anything under 9:00 minute miles seems crazy to me.  I'm so happy I've committed to weekly speed workouts and I hope they're going to pay off come this fall.

Do you like to do speed work?  Do you do it on the track or somewhere else?  


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