Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Track Tuesday: The Ladder Workout

Hello ladies and gents (or the one guy that reads this).  Today is Tuesday and that means it's Track Tuesday.  The day I love.... um no really I hate it.  It's like vegetables, you don't really like it, but you know it's good for you so you do it.  Just me?  Ok, well then moving on.  

Track Tuesday is happening for a reason, by the way.  To be a faster runner, you need to run faster.  I have big dreams of running a sub 2:00 half marathon this fall and in order to get there, I need to do some speed work.  A sub 2:00 half is a 9:07 pace.   That is soooo fast for me and I have a lot of work to do to get there.  I also need to lose 10 pounds, but that's a story for another day.  

Today's workout was a ladder workout and looked like this:  

I always do 2 warm up laps and then get the workout started.   The workout is a ladder because each fast interval goes up.  The recovery is constant and that really sucked.  Ha!  My goal was to keep my fast at 5K pace and that meant a goal of 8:45.  

Let's see how I did.  Here are my splits: 

800 warm up:  5:48/10:42 pace (included a water break) 

400 fast:  2:05/8:03 pace 

400 recovery:  2:36/10:02 pace 

800 fast:  4:22/8:22 pace 

400 recovery:  3:02/11:31 (includes water break) 

1200 fast:  6:49/8:33 pace 

400 recovery:  4:35/16:43 pace (I needed a little longer water break apparently to mentally prepare) 

1600 (1 mile) fast:  8:39 

400 recovery:  3:38/13:33 pace 

800 cool down 

Total:  4.51 miles 9:56 pace 

I have to say that as I do more an more of these track workouts (this was week 4), things are getting easier.  Now I didn't say EASY, I said easier.  There's a difference you know, but I'm happy with my progress and happy to be doing Track Tuesdays!

Do you like Track Workouts?  Would you try this one?  


Payal said...

Whoa Super Mom!! :) I can barely move after an hour of rigorous Zumba! ;)


Sue Tate said...

I love hitting the track and having something to really work at!

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