Saturday, August 23, 2014

Captain America Birthday Party: Jack's 7th Birthday

Well if you know me (and my family) you know this party was a long time in the making.  Meaning, Jack has had his themed picked out for quite some time and Captain America it was.  

Last year his friends were WILD.  So this year, I decided I needed a big form of entertainment and got a bounce house (theme appropriate of course).  

It was a big hit (to say the least).  

As usual there is a LOT that goes into making these parties.  My parties aren't Pinterest perfect.  My parties are done by a real mom (me), trying to be budget conscious and trying to make fabulous memories for my kids.  With every project that I do handmade, it's because I love my kids and this is one way for me to show it (by putting in time and effort).  So while my cookies aren't perfect, and the cake is a little lopsided, everything was done with love.  

I had the Jack caricature made at Fiverr.  Have you seen this sight?  You'd be surprised what people will do for $5.   It really looks like him!  

After I got the rights to the image, I had the poster made at Walmart.  It was a cool decoration and not just one that will go in the trash.  Jack can't wait to get this up on his wall. 

I bought paper mache letters at Walmart and covered them with comic book cutouts and then covered the letters in Mod Podge.  That was a painstaking task, I'm not going to lie, but it's another decoration that Jack is dying to see in his room.  It looked really cute too.  

I made cookie "pops" (sugar cookies on a lollipop stick) as part of the party favors.  No matter how much I use royal icing, I can never seem to get it right.  It's too thick and my lines are shaky or it's too thin and runny.  I did the best I could and overall I'm happy.  One thing is for sure, they tasted great and the kids loved them. 

I really wanted to do a cupcake cake because I thought it would be easy.  It was!  I highly recommend cupcake cakes.  You get all the bang and not all the buck (it was 2 cake mixes and some icing).  I used a sugar sheet for the center star.  It was edible, but no one ate it.  

As part of the favor I bought everyone T-shirts.  I always MAKE t-shirts for birthday parties, but I found these so cheap at Walmart that it didn't make sense to make them. 

Oh and the masks.  Everyone got masks.  I bought just plain blue masks at Party City for $1 and then used white foam to cut out an "A" and attached it using a glue gun.  It made their Captain America get ups complete, but I'll be honest, they weren't too keen on wearing them (at least not at the party).

I wanted to buy everyone a Captain America shield too, but those suckers are $10 each.  So I came up with the idea to make the shields and thought I could do so with frisbees.  Do you know how hard it is to find inexpensive plain red frisbees?  Well I'll tell you--- hard!  I went to Dollar Tree one day in search of frisbees thinking $1 each was better than what I was finding online, when I found plain red plastic plates.  They were 4 for $1.  Score!  

We used those to make our shields.  Each kid was given one plate, one white circle (pre cut), one red, one blue and the silver star (5/$1 at Dollar Tree).  

They used big glue sticks to attach them and then I went over it all with Mod Podge to hold it in place. 

I also attached Avengers Duck tape to the back for a holder.  I just stuck 2 9 inch strips back to back and then attach both ends to the plate with hot glue.  I don't know that it will hold forever, but it was good enough.  So I've got about $1 into each shield rather than $10. 

I found this pin on Pinterest and used it as my inspiration to create the game.  I bought a cheap $4 tarp at Walmart and cut out 4 circles.  I used acrylic paint to paint it and one large silver star (5 for $1) for the middle.  

We then used my pre-made shield to try to make it through the holes.  We made it a contest and with each pass through the hole the kids got 5 points.  It came down to a 3 way tie and a tie breaker.  It was pretty fun. 

I didn't like the looks of any of the Captain America pinatas.  Jack didn't like them either.  I wanted to buy a red circle piñata and make my own shield piñata, but I never found just a plain circle.  We wound up with the red star from Party City and it was fine.  The kids only want what is inside anyway. 

I wanted to go overboard with the red, white and blue treats I really did, but I've learned from past parties; the kids just want the basics.  So we had pizza, and fruit and cheese balls . Ha!  Trust me, cheese balls are like a delicacy among children.  

Do you love the shield pizzas?  I do, they were the cutest!  I also served red grapes and blueberries and whipped (<--- see what I did there) it into the shape of a shield.  This was wasted on the kids.  I don't think they knew the food looked like a shield, but this made ME happy.  

All that was left after crafts, games, jumping and pizza was cake!!! 

Oh there were presents too and Jack made out like a bandit.  He had $160 worth of gift cards to spend and I kid you not they were all spent by noon today.  He was so excited and got things he REALLY wanted!  

I had a great time putting together this party and I hope the boys (and girls) really enjoyed themselves!  


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