Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear Nicholas 2014

Hello my blog friends.  I feel like I have SO much to tell all of you and I STILL haven't even finished my Roatan posts.  Life is crazy.  So I'll be back to tell you about the kids' triathlon, my triathlon relay with Kortni, Kortni's visit AND finish my Roatan posts.  I'll also be doing a link up on my blog soon too. SOOO much going on.  First, however, my annual birthday letter to Nicholas.  

Dearest Nicholas: 

Another year has gone by and as per usual, I can not believe it.  You seem to be growing leaps and bounds and it's hard for this mama to accept.  

You are still so very shy especially around and about girls.  You won't even talk to a girl.  AT ALL.  We joke constantly about it and like to give you a hard time about the girls we think you like.  According to you it is NONE!  I guess I should enjoy this while it lasts.

I think you're such an amazing young man and it makes me happy that other people can see it too.  This year during your parent/teacher conference, your teacher made me cry.  Not because she said anything mean; it was the opposite, in fact.  She gushed about what a great kid you are to the point that she had me in tears because I was so proud.   Your teacher said if she tells the kids to partner up, everyone immediately turns and yells, "Tirch be with me."  She told me you're a quiet leader and girls will want to date you and boys will want to be you.  Of course she said more, but she said you have a strong character and she knows you'll go far in life.  I have to trust that a teacher of 25 + years has seen all kinds of kids and it makes me happy that she saw so many special qualities and potential in you.

Hockey is still your first love.  You are constantly in hockey mode.  Whether that means you're on the ice playing, in the driveway playing, in the basement playing, playing hockey on Xbox or just plain playing in your imaginary world, you are playing hockey ALL the time. Apparently you don't have to have a real stick or puck, you just have to pretend.  I love that you've found something to be so passionate about.

You started lacrosse this year and I loved seeing you try something new.  You were definitely more timid than in hockey, but I could tell you were just trying not to make a mistake.  That's the thing about you; you like to be perfect.  That works to your advantage most times, but I want you to know, it's ok to make mistakes.  Everyone makes mistakes and it's how you learn and grow.

In a world where everyone is so quick to grow up, I'm glad you still allow yourself to be a little kid.  While you love "big kid" things and are definitely showing maturity, you still like to just be a kid and that is fine by me!  

You know what's important to you and I think you TRULY value your family.  You love your brother and sister (even though you can be mean to them sometimes) and you aren't afraid to show them.  I know you'd be there for them if they needed you and I hope this is something that will continue for a long time.  Of course I hope you'll always love your dear old mom.   Your favorite family member, however, is definitely the dog!

You still loathe dressing up.  I swear you're allergic to anything with a collar.  Sometimes I expect you to actually break out in hives when you have to look nice.  I'm still trying to teach you that sometimes looking nice is just plain necessary.

You have always had a love for "sports clothes" but this year you really got invested in your style.  You LOVE tall socks and matching everything just right.  Every outfit HAS to have the matching socks.  It's something you come by honestly I suppose because who's buying all those socks?  

NOT matching shoes!!!  
I've watched you grow over this past year, but things really seemed to have taken off most recently. I look at you and I don't see my little boy and it breaks this my heart.  Often times, I'll look at you and pull you close, you'll nuzzle right into my shoulder (where you hit these days) and I hug you tightly.  I tip my head down and smell your hair.  No matter if you're fresh out of the shower or after a long game on the ice, I always love drinking in the smell of my baby boy.

One day, probably not too far from now, you'll distance yourself form those hugs and they will become fewer and farther between, but I'll sneak them in when I can.  I can't imagine the day when I can't come in your room catch a glimpse of your sweet face while you're sleeping.  I can't even imagine a day where I don't get to see your smile or hear your laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I can't imagine a day when you're no longer my baby.

I know these "kid" years will pass and the next phase will come.  I'm confident that you're learning all the valuable lessons in life that your dad and I are trying to teach you.  I know you'll go into life being a fine young man.  I know above anything else that you will always make me proud.

I find myself sometimes watching you without you knowing-- observing if you will.  No matter what, no matter the situation, I find the corners of my mouth curling up as I smile to myself and find my inner self nodding.  Yes, he is a good kid.  Yes, he makes me proud.  Yes he's becoming the man I want him to be and Yes, I love him with all my heart and soul.  

While time may come and steal my baby, and one day you'll become a man, you'll always be my son and you'll always be my pride and joy.  Not even time can take that from me.  

Happy 11th Birthday Dear Nicholas!  



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