Friday, August 15, 2014

Janney and the Y (North Park) Triathlon Relay Race Recap

I had the North Park Triathlon on my radar for my summer events.  It was a "maybe."  When Kortni decided she'd come and visit us this summer and it fell on the same weekend, I pretty much wrote of the North Park Tri.  Then I had an epiphany-- why not do the relay WITH Kortni.  So that's what we did.  I did the swim (700m) and Bike (12 miles) and Kortni did the run (3.1 miles). 

We got to the pool by 7 am for our 8:20 start and it was cold!  I mean sweatshirts cold.  I was dreading getting in the pool.  

I saw some of the professional looking people putting on their wetsuits and I immediately started to panic.  I mean if THEY were wearing their wetsuits, then why wasn't I?  The water temp was 77 degrees, which is definitely cold, but it was a SHORT course and in a POOL so I had never even thought of brining my wetsuit.  

I finally got brave and decided to dip my toe in the pool and I was pleasantly surprised.  It didn't feel cold to me at all really.  Maybe it was better that the outside air temp was so low; it made the water seem warmer.

I wasn't really worried about this swim.  I mean I had the usual pre-race jitters, but I knew I could do the swim.  I thought maybe I'd do better than I do in open water an hoped I wouldn't suck as badly as I normally do at the swim.

I started off pretty well and kept that gentleman behind me there behind me for about half the race.  Eventually he and a girl who started at the other end passed me.  Oh well, slow and steady is all I kept telling myself.  The thing I was most worried about was miscounting as I do that all the time when I swim laps.

I did NOT miscount and got out of the pool after what seemed like an eternity.  I quickly looked over to the other lanes and I wasn't the last one out of the pool.  Whoop!  Progress haha!  Nonetheless, I still had a pretty slow swim.

Swim and T2:  20:50 I think I transitioned pretty darn quick.  I didn't even wear socks so I just put on my shoes and got the heck out of there.

The bike was a short looped course.  The loop was 2.5 miles, which meant we had to do it 5 times.  The loop include one significant hill.  It wasn't particularly steep, but it was long and it really slowed me down.

I had one goal on my bike.  I wanted to stay above 15 mph.  After the first loop my average was 15.9 mph.  I wondered if I could get my average up over 16 mph.  I decided right then and there I was going to work as hard as I could.

I told myself, if I wasn't breathless then I wasn't working hard enough.  I pedaled  as fast as I could for the whole time.

On the last loop I was so excited and told Kortni I'd see her soon.  I was really happy with my bike  performance and even more happy to not have to run.  It was so nice to do the bike portion and not have to worry about saving anything for the run.  That was all Kortni!

I got to the transition area and Kortni was there waiting.  I handed off the timing chip to Kortni and sent her on her way.

Bike and T2:  43:57 16.4 mph!!!!!!  That is REALLY good for me.

I got some food and a Gatorade and headed over to the finish line to wait for Kortni.  I knew she would be quick on the run.  It was just a 5k and Kortni is pretty fast.  This was a trail run, however, so I didn't know exactly what to expect.

Before long I saw Kortni coming along and she looked strong, but she looked mad.  I yelled out to encourage her and she kicked it in for the finish.

 Run:  26:08 (8:25 pace!!!)

Total:  1:30:54 

We finished 3/3 for female relays (I was so happy when I realized we came in 3rd place and then I realized there were only 3 all female teams.  haha).  We finished 9th out of 14 for all the relay teams.

Like I said, Kortni did NOT look happy when she was finished.  I thought she had just given it her all and was tired.  I said, "what's wrong, why do you look so pissed off?"  She quickly pointed down to her knee.  Kornti had fallen on the course.

She wound up falling on her knee and then skidding on her shoulder.  She wasn't the only one who fell either.  I saw a few other people including the 2nd place female finisher who fell.

No worries though... a little ice and Kortni was all smiles again.

I'm so glad I asked Kortni to do this race with me.  I think I've found my new favorite triathlon but it's not actually a tri when it's a relay.  Maybe I'm a better biathlete-- is that a thing?   Well maybe I should just stick to biking.... Ok whatever, I'll just stick to being slow at all three.  Ha!

Thanks for making this such a fun race Kortni!  You did an awesome job (fall and all).


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