Thursday, August 7, 2014

Roatan Day Five: Iguana Park

I'm still working on my Roatan posts.  I'm trying not to bore you too much, but I want to share our memories here.  

David (Bianca's husband) said he wanted to take us to an Iguana Park.  I had no idea what I would see.  Luckily I know iguanas are plant eaters and they don't want to eat ME!  

They gave us a few leaves whenever we walked in and the iguanas wanted them and wanted them NOW!

The kids were "rushed" by these creatures all vying for the same leaf.

It got to be a bit scary for the kiddos.  I think Jack dropped his leaf and got the heck out of dodge.

Nicholas held on til the end.

The iguanas weren't as green and colorful as I expected.  I wondered if they had evolved to be the color of the concrete.  Is that possible?

This creatures seem to be the laziest animals on earth.

They hardly moved...

...and just laid on top of one another.  Lazy SOBs!

This one must be the king!  ha!

After the Iguana Park we headed back to the resort for more swimming and me lying on a lounge chair.  It's tough work.  At the end of our trying day, we headed out to dinner.

At this point in the trip I had given up on doing my hair and took to drinking fruity drinks.

David was not impressed by either!

At least George still loved me after TWO (big time) very strong drinks.

Then Bianca and I danced the night away!

The End!

What do you think about the Iguana Park?  Do they creep you out or do you think they're cute?  


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