Friday, September 19, 2014

Dear Ella 2014

Dearest Ella:  

On the occasion of your 9th birthday I write this letter.  Wow, 9 years old.  It seems like yesterday you were a baby girl and no you're so big and definitely not a baby anymore.  

Where do I begin with you?  I love your sass.  

I think I like it because it's all pretend and not at all real.  Haha You're sweet to the core.  

You have such a caring disposition and are so compassionate about other people.  You have a constant regard for other people's feelings and seriously do not like it if someone's feelings get hurt (least of all yours).  

So yes you're caring and sensitive and those are some of your best qualities.  

What I particularly love about you is that you are your own person.  You like what you like and you make no apologies for it.  If someone tells you they don't like your XYZ,  you just tell them "well, I do."  I hope this does not change as you get older.  I hope you always stay your own person.  

You are definitely a girlie girl.  You love all girlie things.  You love makeup and nail polish, you love clothes and love to shop.  I have a feeling I'm really going to be in for it when you're a teenager.  Right now, you're into clothes that look like adult clothes.  You like to wear mini versions of what I wear and you love Maxi dresses.  

As much as you are a girlie girl, you love sports and adventure.  You're not afraid to try new things and you're probably my biggest dare devil.  

You never cease to amaze me when it comes to sports.  I expect you to be that sweet little girl that you are, but you're not afraid to get in there and get down and dirty.  I always sit there shocked.  It will just never seem right to me, but I like it!

You LOVE all the artsy fartsy stuff.  You love dance and I think it truly is your passion.  Your favorite is tap, with jazz and hip hop coming in just behind.

I personally think you're a beautiful ballerina and you're so graceful when you dance ballet.  You've started lyrical this year and I think it will become another favorite for you.

You've been taking guitar for about a year now and you're pretty good.  I'm sure you could be better if we made more time for you to practice.  I look forward to hearing what you've learned each week and I can't wait until you can really belt out a tune.

You also love art and love creating special pieces for everyone.  This summer you created art pieces for $5 each and donated the money to St Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Everyone was so moved by your project and you collected over $250.  I was so proud of you and how hard you worked to get all the projects complete.

I joke all the time about your carefree spirit and wonder sometimes what that will mean for you when you become an adult.  I hope it means you'll spend your life doing something you are passionate about and that which makes you happy.  I don't think you'd be content just doing a job, it will have to be something you have your heart in, so that you can enjoy it.

I know I'm your mom, but I just think you're a beautiful girl.  I know you're a blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty and, if I'm being honest, you know it too.  You love to look pretty, but I think that's ok because you're just being you.

So yes my sweet Ella girl, you are beautiful on the outside, but that's not what is so appealing about you.  It is really your beauty on the inside that is constantly shining through.  You heart is so big and so full of love and I hope that never changes.  I hope you always live big and with the happiness you possess right now as a child.

I only have one daughter and I wouldn't that.  I love that it's just the two of us girls and I look forward to many years of all the girl things together.

When God made you, he gave me a gift.  A gift of unconditional love, a gift of sweetness and kindness.  You, my dear, are a gift I'm not worthy to receive, but one I will forever cherish.   Thank you for forgiving all my bad mommy moments and thank you for loving me anyway. You are an amazing little girl and you inspire me everyday.

With all my love,



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