Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Birthday (With my Friends)

So my awesome friends decided to throw me a birthday party and it was so much fun.  I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful ladies in my life.   

I was a little bit worried about the one on right below, that's Emily. 

She threatened to bring in the beer bong.  Aside from a couple of shots, she took it pretty easy on me. 

My friends are so different and come from different parts of my life, but I love them all just the same.  

Part of he Neighbors plus Kim 
The Running Friends 
All the ladies 
Luckily the girls did let me eat so the shots didn't do too much damage and we all just had good clean fun.

They also got me a cake and luckily they didn't have to put 40 blazing candles on it.

I was determined to get all those candles out at once.  


I swear they were trick candles because they came back on.  Hmmmmmm.  

Look how cute this little basket is that the girls got me.  It says, "40 doesn't have to suck.  Here's hoping that 40 brings you lots of luck."  The basket is full of suckers and lottery cards.  I won $10 too!

They also got me these 40 flip flops.  I'll be rocking these at the bus stop ladies.  I'll wear my 40 proud!

Tory Burch earrings.  Yes please!

Lookie, Diet Coke!  Someone (Tracey) knows me well.

How cute is this Wonder Woman shirt?  I can't wait to wear it.

The girls got me lots of other things too not even shown.  Let's just say I'll be doing some shopping!  I feel so grateful, but not for all the presents.  Yes, I love the gifts, but it's the relationships and the laughs that I'm so thankful for.

Thank you for an awesome 40th birthday party my beautiful friends.  Here's to 40 more when someone will be fighting over wiping our ass or cleaning our toilet.  hahahahaha 


pghrunner said...

Happy belated birthday!

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Amanda said...

Cute! What sweet friends. Happy belated Birthday!

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