Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Make a Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Halloween Costume

So I've seen the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) theme done on halloween before.  I originally intended to be Katniss Everdeen, but then when I couldn't find my leather jacket (yes that's a real problem) and then didn't like my cargos, I scrapped that idea.

I decided to do the dial de los metros and I did a trial run the day before.  I didn't turn out GREAT, but I decided to be more patient and go with it the next day.

Since I'm the self proclaimed "Queen of Selfies"  I took a selfie with everyone at the party.  You'll get a good idea of how my make up looked and how it got worse and worse as the sangria flowed as the night went on.

So here's how I made my costume:

I used white face paint and painted my face white.  I just used my fingers, but a sponge would have been nice.

I then outlined my eyes with a black eyeliner and used the same eyeliner to make the flowers around my eyes.

I filled in the red with a paintbrush and red face paint.

Next I made an upside down heart on my forehead.  I then just drew on the spiderweb with a paintbrush and black face paint.  I filled in the web with black eye shadow and a shadow brush.

To do the nose I again did an upside down heart and then just filled it all in.

Guess what I did on my chin?  Upside down heart and filled it in.

I made two lines from the corner of my mouth out and then drew on the stitches on the lips with a thin paintbrush.

I freehanded the swirls on my cheeks with the same paintbrush method.

I realize it could have been better, but for doing it twice in my life, I was pleased.

I bought the flowers in the artificial flower section at Walmart.  I tore them off the stems and then used a bobby pin to secure them.

Believe it or not, I had this red and black dress and I had NEVER worn it.

I'm not usually a dress up for Halloween kind of gal, but I loved it and had a LOT of fun.  I loved that all the ladies showed up in costume AND none of them were slutty.  What is it about middle aged women thinking Halloween is their opportunity to dress like a skeeze?  Is that a word?  

All the Bunco Ladies (my house) 


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