Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Make a Treat Bag from a Lunch Bag (or Grocery Bag) Halloween Theme

I wanted to make cute inexpensive treat bags for Ella's class this year.  I was given the task to make treat bags, but I wanted them to be fun without breaking the bank.  These can be made with any colored lunch sacks or plain lunch sacs.  I also think it would be cute to make with a grocery bag and then you could use it for trick or treat.  


Lunch Bag 
Glue Stick 
Decorations (foam, stickers, markers) 
Hole Punch 

I used a Sharpie poster paint marker to put the kids' names on the bag.  I used silver since the bag was dark (black).

I then glued on two foam pieces as the main pieces to decorate, but you don't have to do this at all. I just used a regular glue stick (this one is large size).

Next fold down the top of the bag about an inch to crease the bag.  Then open the bag and fold the inch "seam" back down on itself.  It will look like so.... 

Now make 4 hole punches (2 on each side) on the top of the bag about a half inch from edge.

Cut a length of ribbon appropriate for the handle size (I honestly didn't measure) and string it through the hole.  Make 2 knots to prevent the ribbon from coming back through the hole.  Repeat on each side and for each hole.

Viola a handle.

I finished one sample to have to show the kids what it should look like when they are finished.

It turns out cute and it was simple and cheap.  The most expensive thing was the ribbon, but you could easily use curling ribbon too and that would make it a lot cheaper.

What do you think?  Would you try this project?  


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