Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trick or Treat at Lake Latonka

Oh my goodness y'all we are so busy.  I know I'm no more busy than any other mom out there.  We're all juggling go one place to the next, barely keeping our heads above water.  Right? Right!  Saturday was trick or treat at my mom's community.  My mom lives in a lake community where a lot of people are just part time residents (the lake is their vacation home).  So.... trick or treat is a week early.  My mom invited the kids up.  Of course, Nicholas had two hockey games.  I was really bummed because they put on a party at the community center and then you get to trick or treat.  I really wanted to take the kids.  I figured it would be fun and the kids would get to spend some time with my mom.  So I went to Nicholas' first hockey game and then took just Ella and Jack up to Trick or Treat.

Life is too short to not take advantage of time with your grandma (and other old random lady volunteers).

Playing games...

Decorating pumpkins...

Decorating cookies...

The games were kind of lame, but the kids liked them!  That's all that matters. 

These pics were taken at my sister's patio.  Her house (weekend getaway place) is right on the lake and the view is amazing.  It was a great backdrop for pictures.

We drove the kids around in the golf cart as they trick or treated and it was so nice to see them genuinely being kids and so, so happy.

They were so cute as the waited at the door, got their candy and then... 

... turned and ran away all smiles about what they just got.

Of course the kids got way too much candy that they didn't need, but I wouldn't change the day for anything. 

These days will be gone all too soon.

I only wish Nicholas could have joined us.


Amanda said...

Adorable kids! Looks like a fun time. Have a happy and safe Halloween Susan.

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