Sunday, November 9, 2014

EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler Race Recap

This morning was the EQT Pittsburgh 10 miler.  This race hasn't been around too long (2, 3 years??), so I've never done it, but it's a good one and one I WILL do again.  The suspects today were:  Kim, myself, Tanya, Emily and Charlene.  In case you're wondering Tracey was away in New York visiting family for a wedding.  She was missed.  

Kim, Susan, Tanya, Emily and Charlene
Tanya and Emily decided last night that they would run this 10 mile race.  Neither of them had really trained.  They're both CrossFit athletes, but had not been doing any sort of long distance running.  I like to think I kind of talked Emily into doing it and I'm glad she decided to give it a go.

We arrived at the race in good spirits and in plenty of time.  I was really impressed with how easily everything went (despite a road closure snafu and then a wrong turn).  We pulled up and parked less than 100 yards from the start line.  We got our porta potty on and we didn't even have to wait.  

It wound up being a beautiful fall day and not at all like predicted.  It was about 40 degrees and no rain.  We weren't even freezing at first.  Well maybe that's because I had the car like a sauna on the way down.  Hey ladies, you could have told me you were hot!  ha! 

Anyway, the start line was a fun time and we were all set to race!

I had planned a LONG time ago to run with Kim.  We wanted to do a fall half together, but we were never able to get our schedules together with a good race, so we decided we would do the 10 miler and run together.  I have been very excited about this for awhile.  Charlene and Tanya decided to run together and Emily was going balls to the wall all by her lonesome.  

I asked Kim what her plan was and she said that she had just run her half (her FIRST by the way) at an 11:10 pace and she hoped to be able to do that.  I secretly hoped she'd do better (because I knew she could).  

We started off and of course the crowd was running fast.  I kept telling Kim we needed to slow down, but then we never seemed to back off our pace and just kept chugging along.  Before we knew it, we were at mile 2 and Kim was like, "Mile 2?  Mile 2 already?"  I guessed that mean things were going well.  Chug along.  

Mile 1: 10:13
Mile 2:  10:18

I felt amazing the whole time and was REALLY enjoying running with Kim.  I felt just so happy the entire time.  I didn't want to push Kim, I just wanted her to have fun.  I did believe that she has a LOT MORE in her than she gives herself credit for so I feel like I just GENTLY kept her moving.

By mile 4 we were into the city and covering ALL the bridges.  You cross 4 bridges during this race and they're kind of deceiving.  Bridges are hills people. They just are.  Nevertheless, Kim was holding her pace nicely and I started to get excited.

Mile 3: 10:28
Mile 4: 10:52
Mile 5: 10:30
Mil3 6: 10:36

We did get passed by the 10:30 pacer right after the 5 mile mark, but I wasn't concerned.  I can't believe I had forgotten my Garmin.  I was using map my run and she (the map my run talking lady) kept saying our overall pace and I was happy with what I was hearing.

By mile 7 Kim wasn't happy.  She had been running a quick pace and she was starting to tire.  The thing I saw in Kim this time was that even though her body was tiring physically, she was mentally in the game.  She even smiled at me a few times.  

Again, I kept focusing on not pushing Kim too much.  I really didn't want her to hate me during this race.  I really wanted to focus on having fun and letting the race come naturally.  Don't get me wrong, I kept just ahead of Kim in hopes that she would chase me and I hope it worked.

At mile 8 we saw this sign.  Kim's husband's name is Larry so I told her we had to get to the end ASAP because Larry was waiting.  FYI Charlene's husband's name is Larry too.  So we're not really sure which one we were heading towards.

Mile 7: 10:57
Mile 8:  11:09

I kept trying to talk to Kim and make sure she was doing ok.  It just felt good to glance back and see Kim smiling.  At about mile 8 my stupid map my run told me our overall pace was 11:11.  I was so mad because we had been doing so well and I hadn't seen the 11:00 pacer pass us.  I was a little disappointed.  I really wanted Kim to have a better overall pace than she had in mid October at her first half (which by the way was entirely flat).

After mile 9 however, map my run decided to tell me something different and we WERE on pace to do good things. I told Kim once we had a mile to go we were kicking it it.  She gave me the death glare.

Mile 9:  10:43

That last mile we could hear music and we were cruising along.  I picked up my pace on purpose in hopes of pushing Kim a little bit, but I didn't mention it.  Finally with about .4 (or so) miles left we could SEE the finish line.  That's when I told Kim she HAD to pick it up and give it all she had.  She rose to the occasion and we soared across the finish line feeling amazing.

Mile 10:  10:13

Map my run:  10.26 mile 1:48:16 or 10:33 pace
Official: 10.0 miles 1:48:17 or 10:50 pace

I was so proud of Kim.  She gave it her all and never gave up on herself.  I think she might actually be believing in herself and that makes me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

All these ladies did amazing today.  Tanya set a HUGE PR averaging 9:30 miles for 1:35:02 and Emily crushed it finishing in 1:25.  Charlene thinks she didn't do as well as she could, but she had some bathroom issues.  I feel badly that she wasn't happy with her time because I think you did GREAT Charlene.  You don't give yourself enough credit girl.  Many people are sitting back and admiring you!

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this race.  I'm coming back Pittsburgh 10 miler and I can't wait!


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