Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hello all! Just here documenting Christmas with the little ones.  Won't it be fun to look back in 2034 and see what my kids were into.  Will there be internet then?  I really need to turn this blog into a book... I digress.  

So Ella's loot.  A big pink unicorn that stayed at the top of her list for MONTHS.  There was no getting out of that one.  Santa made an impromptu purchase with the gymnastic mat and it was one of Ella's favorite gifts.  

Jack's loot.  That's a scooter in that big bag.  He HAD TO HAVE IT and barely looked at it.  Granted he'll probably be very excited about it when he can go outside, but as of Christmas morning he was more excited bout his Lego watch.

Why do I not have an up close of Nicholas' loot?  Slacker.  Thee's not a whole lot showing anyway.  Except that bungee chair, which Jack said was a trampoline.  You can imagine how that went down.

Guess what I did Christmas eve?  Are you guessing? I said guess damn it.  Ok fine.  I left my camera at my sister's house.  That means all iPhone on Christmas morning and that also means all blurry action pics.  *sigh*  First world problems.

This flat bill fitted Captain America Under Armour hat (that was a mouthful) was a find at Dick's on a whim and it was one of his favorite items.  I believe he said he was going to wear it everyday forever.    Forever started today.  We'll see if he wears it tomorrow.

Ella spied her gifts and sat right down and announced "I'm digging in."  It's such a mad rush in the beginning to soak everything in.  You want to tell them to take their time and let mom and dad absorb every moment.  Alas, it does not go that way.

At least Jack acts excited about clothes.  Not sure he really is.  He looks happy.  IDK.

Ella is coveting her Vera Bradley iPad case.  Got that on Zulily for like $12.  Score.

The Penguins third jersey was Nicholas' number one item on his list.  He looks less thrilled than Jack over his plain old Under Armour t-shirt.  Difference in personalities.

So happy about his first piece of North Pittsburgh gear (his hockey team).  It was supposed to be personalized with Tirch on the back. Don't ask!

Oh well, he and Nicholas both got Mars (their school) sweatshirts and they are personalized on the back.

Ella wrote a Santa list and she put on the list clothes.  Easy enough.  Well one day she came into me and said, "Hey mom, you know I have clothes on my Christmas list?  Well by clothes I mean ABERCROMBIE clothes."  Well then!

Lego movie game.

Feety jammies that aren't one piece.  Genius.

 Stitched Malkin jersey-- an unexpected find and really good deal.

This one was personalized and it will be a hand-me-down so Jack will eventually have a personalized one.  Ha!

There's the Lego watch.  Santa doesn't make the digital one he wanted, but he's actually telling time now (and every minute on the minute all day today).  "Mom, it's 3:02.  Mom now it's 3:03.  Hey mom it's 3:04."  You get the idea.

 Not Abercrombie.  Ha!

 Let's Go Pens!

I had these caricatures mades for the boys.  The left is Jack and the right is Nicholas.  I had a similar one done for Jack for his birthday (as Captain America) and it was amazing.  So I was a little disappointed with this one, then I realized it's a caricature from ONE picture sent to a guy that lives in India and cost me $10.  It's fine.

NPDA sweats (her dance studio).  SO excited over these.

Well, a box.  Just what he wanted.  Luckily there is a blue tooth speaker in there.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is goalie equipment, but never fear he's still a center.  This is for the outdoor ice rink we put up!  

Oh look Taylor Swift came to Christmas.  Oh wait that's Ella in in Tay Swift glasses.  Also came with tickets, which she was disappointed weren't front row.  One day she'll understand what I went through just to get floor seats.  I stood over George's shoulder and yelled and directed and yelled some more.  It almost ended in divorce.  I kid.  Kinda.  Ha! Nonetheless, there are Taylor tickets and one VERY happy little girl.  I probably could have gotten away with omitting the pink unicorn.  Damn it!

Oh what's this big bag?  I see handle bars.  Oh it's the scooter.  Move on.

Hillbilly boots.....

.... for everyone.   Actually George has these boots and the mini versions are so cute.  I don't even care if they're camo.  Great for walking the dog in snow, wet, mud.

So much time shopping, planning, wrapping and preparing and it was over in 22 minutes (from the time they woke us up until the last present was opened).  That's 22 minutes I'll cherish for a lifetime.

Merry Christmas from the very spoiled Tirch children.  I know I've made light of things in this post, but the truth is I try to make my kids aware of their good fortune.  I may have spoiled kids, but they are NOT brats.

Thanks for making it to the end of this post.  Sometimes I just have to document for me.


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