Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Wish List for Runners (If I Had all the Money in the World)

When Christmas comes around I go crazy thinking of all the things I NEED to put on my Christmas list.  The things on my list tend to be a little pricey since they're not items I would probably buy for myself.  So don't think I'm Oprah with all her favorite things like a $100 candle, but I do love these items and think you other runners would love them too.  By the way, no one has paid me to say I want or like these things.  Although that would have been awesome, if I get any of these items they will be because I paid for them.  Ha!  

I instantly fell in love with these Dona Jo leggings when I saw them.  I was running the EQT 10 miler when I saw a girl in a pair and I immediately wanted them.  I also wanted her skinny backside, but that's a story for another day.  If you're local you can get Dona Jo at Mojo Running.  

DonaJoFitwear.com $69 
I NEED the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf.  Ok I admit it's not a running item per se, but it's definitely something you could throw on after a run or workout to help with the chill after running.  I mean how cute is it?  I could totally see me wearing this ALL the time.  

Lululemon $48 

Ok so there I was at Dick's minding my own business when I happened to walk through to the women's department to get to the men's section (swear) and this vest jumped out at me.  I've been kind of looking for a running vest.  I want to add warmth without adding bulk and the moment I saw this vest, I knew it HAD to be mine.  THEN I looked at the price.  Holy @#$%.  Never mind that though, this vest is awesome and WE need to have the Nike Aeroloft 800 Women's Running Vest.  Notice I need not want!  

Store.nike.com $180 

Last year I was browsing through the Athleta catalog and I found these Toasty Buns Shorts.  They showed them on a skier.  I thought they were adorable, but with the $69 price tag, I couldn't justify them.  Then one day I was running and my butt cheeks were really cold and I thought back to the Toasty Buns shorts.  Still at $69, I figured I didn't NEED them.  THEN I was writing this post and went to the Athleta site to find the shorts to put on the list and they're ON SALE people!  Christmas came early for me.  I WILL have toasty buns. 

athleta.gap.com $29.99 

Things just jump off the rack at me.  I can't help it.  I see something and I immediately like it.  Often time I can just buy it, but these Nike Flash Running Tights were another item that gave me complete sticker shock.  Seriously though, these are some hot looking tights and who doesn't want to be reflective at 365 degrees.  I mean can we really put a price on safety?  I think not!  

store.nike.com $150 
Finally, this Fierce Forward Run Bracelet .  I was actually already gifted this bracelet from my friend Kim.  I love it so much.  I love the color and I love that it sticks out.  It's something there to remind me that I run and to live life fiercely.  Who doesn't want to be fierce?  There are tons of different styles and other charms, including "badass" and "believe".  Definitely a cute gift for any of your runner friends.  And this one does NOT break the bank.  Finally!  

Fierceforwardforlife.com $25 
So there you have it folks.  I promise I won't be mad if the people of Nike read this and send me those tights and the vest.  Hint hint.  Well them or Santa.  I believe!  


Trish said...

You can buy Dona Jo Leggings at Crossfit Mt. Lebo, too. :) Oh and I love the lululemon vinyasa scarves that are 60 some dollars, but I found someone on etsy who makes similar ones for cheaper. Supporting small businesses who make homemade items is my jam, so I thought I'd share the link.. . https://www.etsy.com/shop/BowButtonScarves

Autumn said...

What the heck is with Nike's ridiculous price point?

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