Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa on the Fire Truck 2014

I just want to document this night so I can remember because so many times have come and gone and I wish I had blogged about them to help me remember the moment.  

Tonight Santa came on the fire truck.  

We have 2 believers and 1 non believer.  I'll let you figure that one out.

Nicholas is such a good sport at playing along.  I just love him for that.  He could say, "I'm not doing that."  Instead, he is such a good boy and acts excited.

Jack asked for a "lego digital watch"  Um they don't make a digital Jack.  Santa is going to have to write a note.  Ella asked for Taylor Swift tickets.  She's gonna score!  Nicholas asked for the Penguins third jersey.  Can't tell you the outcome of that one as he's a creeper of my blog.

It was a fun night indeed.  So thankful to have these special nights with my three little munchkins.  They'll be gone before I know it, but I'll have this to remember.


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